Noise Monitoring Terminal

Our continuous, unattended weather and noise monitoring terminal for long-term, real-time data collection at airports and industrial operations.

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Introducing the Noise Monitoring Terminal

The Noise Monitoring Terminal or NMT is ideal for businesses that need to continuously monitor noise levels in order to demonstrate compliance with regulations, manage their activities, limit noise impact or measure to improve their noise maps.

Each NMT provides noise assessment you can trust, enabling you to make real-time decisions to avoid breaching noise restrictions and maintain noise compliance.

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Hardware features

Noise monitoring hardware for all applications, anywhere

Other noise monitoring instruments on the market are not specifically designed for continuous unattended outdoor monitoring. Our NMTs capture noise data accurately and reliably. Units can be deployed anywhere at airports and industrial operations.

Each unit runs with minimal user attention, reducing your total monitoring cost and resources dedicated to the system.

Designed to deploy noise monitoring across multiple applications

Permanent, mobile and portable monitoring for any situation requiring unattended outdoor noise assessment.

Suitable for a wide range of industries

Built for use at airports, mining operations, industrial facilities and construction projects.

Independently approved for Class 1 accuracy

Our noise monitoring terminals comply with requirements of accuracy for unattended noise measurement.

Robust solution built for harsh environments

The durable, weatherproof cabinet includes a mounting kit for fastening the cabinet to a wall or pole.

Connect with environmental intelligence

Visualise noise data with Envirosuite software

Our NMTs can be operated as standalone hardware or from systems hosted by Envirosuite, such as EVS Aviation and EVS Omnis for urban and industrial applications.

Built to conduct permanent noise monitoring anywhere

Suitable for permanent continuous monitoring at the same location for periods of several months to several years.

Precision noise measurement data covering a wide range of global standards

The NMT is Independently approved to EC 61672 – 1:2013 Class 1 accuracy to ensure measurement system complies with requirements for accuracy.

Data feeds directly to Envirosuite software or can be operated as a standalone

NMTs capture noise data and convert it into intuitive software interfaces for business decision support.

Customer service

Wide range of support on all of our noise measurement equipment

Envirosuite offers a wide range of support and services to ensure efficient as well as problem-free operations, traceable measurements and reporting. These include a range of calibration services (accredited and traceable), repairs, conformance tests, warranty extensions, installation, training, a help line and equipment rental. These services can be performed on site, locally or at authorised centres.

Annual and long-term service packs for NMTs as well as for entire environmental management or monitoring systems are also available.

Additional batteries

Keep NMTs running with our Premium Battery Pack

Our Premium Battery Pack is an efficient, high-quality solution with high capacity for use with Envirosuite's Noise Monitoring Terminal. The Premium Battery Pack holds 12 times the charge of the in-built EMU battery. It is lightweight, only requiring one person to carry it.

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