Monitor, predict, plan.

Environmental data management software built for today's operators to interpret complex data, address operational challenges and build trust with stakeholders.


Compliance obligations keep shifting. Environmental risk management plans should too.

Community expectations, operational output and regulatory compliance is a difficult balance. Industrial operations are moving closer to growing communities while regulations continue to catch up at a rapid pace. EVS Omnis has been designed to future proof industrial operations with the forefront of what's possible in environmental management.

Our software offers situational awareness of industrial operations like never before. Operational teams can unlock value beyond compliance to make confident decisions that optimise operational outcomes, minimise environmental risk and improve transparency.

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Platform features

Environmental management software built for operational success today, tomorrow and in the future

EVS Omnis is cloud-based environmental management software designed for users to easily interpret complex environmental information.

The software harnesses the power of real-time monitoring data, weather forecasting and emissions modelling. Users can manage environmental risk surrounding air quality, dust, water quality, odour, noise and vibration.

Real-time monitoring of multiple parameters with local weather forecasts

View your site’s real-time performance for several parameters including air quality, odour, dust, water quality, noise and vibration impact.

Model emissions to plan for environmental risk

72-hour risk reports help you keep operations at full speed when you know there is a low risk of breaching compliance or impacting the community.

Alerts of potential air quality, vibration and noise compliance breaches

An easy-to-understand and colour-coded dashboard allows you to act rapidly to make the right operational adjustments based on real-time alerting of parameter thresholds.

Pinpoint environmental complaints and drive stakeholder engagement

Identify the source of air quality, dust and odour complaints from locations in the community to understand what caused them.

What We Measure

Monitor, manage and report on different environmental parameters in real-time.

Air Quality, Dust & PM

No other air quality solution offers the same level of scientific and technological excellence in such a user-friendly, practical form to benefit your operations.

Noise & Vibration

24/7 noise and vibration monitoring visualisation of emerging issues at your operation with alerts of potential compliance breaches.

Odour Intensity

Take action on problematic sources of odour emissions at your site and understand when complex weather conditions can make them worse.

Recommended Products

Intelligent environmental management software for industrial operations

Unlock value beyond environmental compliance to make confident decisions that optimise operational outcomes.

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Environmental Monitoring Hardware

We work with most sensors or monitoring devices. We also build our own hardware.

Choose between our instruments for the most accurate and reliable data or use your existing monitoring network to integrate with our platform. EVS Omnis is compatible with most environmental monitoring devices or air quality sensors on the market.

We can work with your existing monitoring devices or provide a full environmental management software solution. EVS IoT offers a range of reliable hardware for noise, vibration, air quality and odour.

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Built to Withstand the Harshest Conditions

Designed to remain operational and measuring accurately day after day.

Monitor Several Parameters

Capture real-time data on noise, vibration, air quality, dust and odour.

Compliance Grade Noise and Vibration

Highly accurate noise and vibration data for regulators and stakeholders.

Tailor-fit Implementation

We work with your site’s pre-existing network, or make third-party recommendations.

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Let us map out your priorities to understand the challenges you are facing at your site.

We can show you exactly how Envirosuite can help you tackle them.



Your project's success is the core of ours.

We can work with your pre-existing environmental monitoring and sensor networks at your site or make recommendations for third-party hardware.

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Backed by Science

Built on 30+ years of solving complex environmental management issues

Envirosuite technology represents over 30 years of research and consulting experience across diverse industries and environmental management issues.

Our simple to use products are focussed on delivering practical, easily understood environmental risk information. All of the complex science is done behind the interface, generating high-quality model outputs and analytics that produce actionable insights for any user to achieve environmental compliance.

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Here are some answers to common questions around EVS Omnis. Reach out to our team today if you don't see the answer you are looking for.

The financial benefits of Envirosuite vary according to the nature of the risks being managed. The benefits comprise tangible returns such as reduced operating costs or improved scheduling, and intangibles such as improved social license to operate.

As an example, for an outlay of AUD$100,000 per year, per site (excluding initial monitoring system installation) an Envirosuite solution at a wastewater treatment plant has been shown to produce a AUD$700,000 return in one year through improved odour management, reduced plant operating costs, efficient complaints resolution, and avoided degradation to asset health. This does not include any of the intangible benefits such as improved community relations. Envirosuite is subscription based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Pricing is simply on a periodic license fee, although depending on the set-up needs (e.g., monitoring system installation, non-standard reporting configurations) there may be initial implementation costs.

The subscription covers system access, updates, data storage and support services. The advantage of a subscription service is that no CAPEX outlay is required, and the cost typically fits within a client’s OPEX budget. Our monitoring and forecasting solutions are designed for rapid deployment, in as little as a few days.

Yes, as a SaaS product Envirosuite comes with a support service to ensure that any of the rare issues that might occur are expertly and quickly addressed. The system reliability is excellent, and support is usually directed to help explain some of the many useful features that are available. Envirosuite can also be delivered as a bundled service, whereby our partners can deliver any monitoring hardware, data comms or associated consulting as part of a vertical solution package.

Envirosuite goes beyond compliance software. The power of Envirosuite is in the capture, storage and analysis of real-time data and forecasting abilities, giving it unique application to evolving operational issues. In addition to compliance, the user has powerful tools to respond quickly to alerts, minimise or avoid off-site impacts and hence, be a good neighbour.

Once your data has been ingested into Envirosuite – typically in a real-time feed – it is securely stored and is available for retrieval and interrogation by easy-to-use functions and tailored reports. Data can also be accessed in CSV format for use in other apps.

The Envirosuite mantra is that data is data, and is designed to ingest primary and secondary data/metadata. Already, multiple air quality parameters, weather, noise and water properties are all available in Envirosuite including additional information needed to ensure the device is operating properly. Envirosuite can interpret real-time data for (not limited to): Dust (PM2.5 & PM10), SO2, NO2 / NOX, H2S, NH3, Electrical Conductivity, Total Suspended Solids, pH, Flow and Turbidity.

Envirosuite runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Envirosuite uses stringent security protocols to protect your data, similar to those used by financial institutions. Get in touch with us today if you like more information on about our data security.