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Airport environmental management software built on decades of experience managing complex airport noise issues, engaging with communities and supporting growth initiatives.

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Our airport noise management software is increasing airspace tolerance everywhere

We've been committed to improving community relations through better airport environmental management for over 30 years. As the world’s leading supplier of solutions and services for airport noise management, we understand that accurate data integrity and noise measurement is essential for airports to demonstrate compliance with local regulations and provide precise information to maintaining trust within the community.

EVS Aviation offers world leading, comprehensive airport environmental management software. Our flagship ANOMS software provides deep analytics on top of rich datasets, deliver insights that reduce environmental impact, while improving operational efficiency.

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Platform features

The most trusted airport environment management and flight tracker technology

EVS Aviation provides solutions for airports to transparently communicate environmental exposures and management activities to communities. Our software enables airport teams to work directly with all stakeholders to build trust and airspace tolerance.

Harness powerful insights to help you maximise capacity utilisation of your airport infrastructure and reduce operational costs such as decreasing runway occupancy or optimising pavement maintenance and de-icing procedures.

Public portal solutions to communicate transparently

Educate local communities about airport operations, while enabling open and transparent communication with stakeholders.

Insights to maximise capacity utilisation of airport infrastructure

Apply best practice and emerging research to support airport optimisation and expansion planning.

Automated regulatory compliance and noise reporting

Achieve compliance with noise abatement procedures and prove environmental obligations are met.

Highly accurate flight tracker technology powered by radar

Manage procedures to increase compliance rates and develop future policies around data.

What we measure

Our environmental intelligence systems analyse highly accurate flight tracker data to support noise management at the world's biggest airports.

Airport Noise Exposure

24/7 noise monitoring gives you an early warning of noise issues that are emerging and predict the conditions that lead to higher impacts.

Flight Track Data

Highly accurate data to increase airline compliance rates while supporting airport optimisation and expansion planning.

Community Sentiment

Our stakeholder engagement tools provide communities with confidence in airport environmental management program.

EVS Aviation Software

World-leading airport environmental management software and flight tracker technology

Support your airport’s growth and expansion initiatives while strengthening social licence to operate using environmental intelligence.

Hardware Configuration

Our environmental monitoring equipment is built to feed EVS Aviation software

We provide environmental monitoring equipment to capture the accurate, reliable data to feed EVS Aviation software solutions. Hardware units can be deployed anywhere within airport operations or in surrounding communities.

EVS IoT offers a range of compliance-grade, real-time environmental monitoring hardware to suit your airport's needs.

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Highly Durable, Robust Equipment

Hardware built to withstand the harshest outdoor conditions that airport infrastructure experiences.

Highly Accurate Noise Data

Capture real-time, unattended noise monitoring data in your airport or surrounding communities.

Compliance-Grade Standards

Achieve environmental compliance with highly accurate data for stakeholders in line with global standards.

30+ Years Embedded Expertise

30+ years of experience in airport environmental management embedded directly into the hardware.

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EVS Aviation software works with our environmental monitoring and sensor networks at your site or we make recommendations for third-party hardware.

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Backed by Decades of Experience

Built on 30+ years of solving complex airport environmental management issues

EVS Aviation products are focussed on delivering practical, easily understood information and represents over 30 years of working with airport environmental management issues around the world.

From our genesis at EMS Brüel & Kjær, we have always deeply understood that transparent and accessible information to all stakeholders is critical to help manage aircraft noise in the community. Our experience working with airports on operational and environmental compliance is second to none.

EVS Solutions

Tackle environmental, operational and community challenges at your site

Our suite of Environmental Intelligence solutions are designed to help you address your environmental challenges, expand your operations and build trust with your stakeholders and surrounding communities.


Our environmental monitoring devices provide the first step to harnessing the power of Envirosuite software.


Powerful software built for industrial operators to act on site emissions, plan for weather risk and engage with stakeholders.


Digital twin technology for water treatment powered by machine learning and deterministic modelling.
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