Exceedance Control

Insights from your environmental monitoring system to understand when you're operating within thresholds, when you aren’t, and where you should focus emissions mitigation efforts.

Exceedance Control

Data from traditional environmental monitoring software is difficult to act on

Air quality, fugitive dust and other emissions leaving your facility’s boundaries can trigger community complaints. Knowing when you are operating within your noise compliance limits can be the difference between staying operational and shutting down.

Exceedance Control lets lets you know your site’s emission levels, when you run the risk of exceeding them and exactly where you should focus mitigation efforts. Your team will able to slow down when you need to or double down on production when there’s no risk of impact.

Product features

Unlock operational value from your environmental monitoring system

Our software lets you know when to maximise capacity and when to slow down at your site. Act on advanced insights from weather and data from your environmental monitoring system.

Your team will be empowered with advanced alerting from your environmental monitoring network to know when to boost production during safe times and when to schedule other activities.

Set threshold alerts for emission events

Easily communicate to operations personnel about environmental events that you know are problematic to productivity.

Stay ahead of vibration and noise compliance breaches

Keep operations at full speed when you know there is a low risk of breaching compliance or impacting the community.

Pinpoint odour and dust control efforts

Control your operational output with dynamic and actionable information on where to focus your mitigation efforts.

Schedule operational activities at the right time

Optimise your site’s performance and maximise productivity by conducting operational maintenance activities at times of low weather or emissions risk.

Inside the product

Operational intelligence to lower capital expenditure on emissions mitigation strategies

Data from a traditional environmental monitoring system is difficult to communicate to and integrate into operations. Our colour coded dashboard provides actionable insights for any user to understand.

Environmental monitoring software that tells you when to operate, and when to slow down

Know exactly when emissions will leave your boundaries fenceline while understanding ground level concentrations of emissions inside and outside of the boundaries of your facility.

Real-time alerts of potential air quality, vibration and noise compliance breaches

Our easy-to-understand with colour-coded dashboard allows you and your team to act rapidly. Arcs of influence can use your environmental monitoring system to pinpoint issues to lower investigation times.

Decide when to allocate resources on dust control

Avoid unwanted detail and get straight to the relevant, actionable information you need from your enviornmental monitoring system to achieve operational goals.


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Customer service

We work with your environmental monitoring system's requirements

Our team of specialists will work with your team to address your site's specific needs. We can answer questions you may have about operational or environmental challenges you may be experiencing at your site.

We can make recommendations for third-party hardware our we can hook directly into pre-existing environmental monitoring and sensor networks at your site. Our platform is 'sensor-agnostic'.

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