Capture environmental intelligence anywhere.

Our real-time environmental monitoring devices can provide the first step to harnessing the power of our software solutions.


Our software works with most environmental monitoring devices, or you can use ours

Envirosuite software is compatible with a wide range of environmental monitoring devices on the market. We also build our own durable environmental monitoring equipment.

EVS IoT can be used across multiple industry applications in a variety of settings to continuously monitor multiple environmental parameters including air quality, odour, noise and vibration. We offer both compliance-grade solutions for noise and vibration, and easily deployable odour and air quality sensors.

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Platform features

Introducing EVS IoT environmental monitoring instruments

The EVS IoT hardware family covers air quality, odour, weather, noise and vibration. Our environmental monitoring devices are all ‘out of the box' solutions and are designed to get up and running quickly.

Users across multiple industries can collect real-time environmental monitoring data to demonstrate compliance with operating limits, manage activities to maintain compliance, and capture data over long periods to inform planning and manage external stakeholders.

Unparalleled Environmental IoT and data management

Capture real-time data using permanent, mobile and portable environmental monitoring devices for any location.

Built for airports, industrial operations and urban areas

Our environmental monitoring devices combine measurement, remote communication, system monitoring and power supply to work anywhere at multiple industries.

Highly accurate, real-time data in line with global standards

Compliance-grade data on noise, vibration and blast over-pressure in a single outdoor monitoring unit, with a weather data option, delivers ease of use and cost savings.

Durable, robust hardware with plug-and-play implementation

Easy transportation and on-site setup while being ready to measure all the parameters you need right out of the box.

Real-time environmental monitoring devices for multiple parameters

Noise & Sound Levels

24/7 noise monitoring data gives you an early warning of noise issues that are emerging and predict the conditions that lead to higher impacts.


Our continuous vibration monitoring systems are designed to empower your operation with actionable insights to know when you are operating within thresholds, and when you aren’t.

Air Quality & Odour

No other air quality solution offers the same level of scientific and technological excellence in such a user friendly, practical form to benefit your operations.

EVS IoT Hardware Solutions

Environmental monitoring devices designed for a wide range of requirements

Support growth and expansion initiatives and achieve compliance across multiple parameters with reliable environmental monitoring devices.

Environmental Monitoring Device Configuration

Configuration, calibration and implementation straight out of the box

Envirosuite offers a wide range of support and services to ensure efficient operations along with traceable measurement as well as reporting on our environmental monitoring devices.

These include a range of calibration services (accredited and traceable), repairs, conformance tests, warranty extensions, installation, training, a help line and equipment rental. These services can be performed on site, locally or at authorised centres.

Hardware built specifically to keep you operational

Our hardware services keep your systems running to prevent missing data and protect against litigation claims.

Easily deployable hardware with dedicated support

Our environmental monitoring devices are easy to implement on you own. If help is required, we have the experience to install devices efficiently and correctly.

Designed for applications across multiple industries

Our permanent and portable monitoring solutions can be used in mining, airports, wastewater and waste management sites and other industrial activities.

Built on a 30+ year heritage

Our products represent 30+ years of experience in providing reliable environmental monitoring devices to industrial operations, public authorities and airports.

Getting started


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Our team of specialists can answer questions you may have about operational or environmental challenges you may be experiencing at your site.



Your project's sucess is the core of ours.

We can hook into your pre-existing environmental monitoring and sensor networks at your site or make recommendations for third-party hardware.

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Backed by Science

Reliable environmental monitoring devices built on 30+ years of diverse applications

EVS IoT represents over 30 years of experience providing environmental monitoring devices across diverse industries.

Our hardware solutions are focussed on delivering practical, easily understood information to feed Envirosuite's software solutions. All of the complex science is done behind the interface of our software, generating high-quality data to produce actionable insights for any user to achieve environmental compliance.

EVS Solutions

Tackle environmental, operational and community challenges at your site 

Our suite of Environmental Intelligence solutions are designed to help you address your environmental challenges, expand your operations and build trust with your community.


Used by over 150 of the world’s major airports to demonstrate compliance with stakeholders and improve efficiency.


Powerful software built for industrial operators to act on site emissions, plan for weather risk and engage with stakeholders.


Digital twin technology for water treatment powered by machine learning and deterministic modelling.