Environmental Intelligence: 3 strategies that will define how Environmental Managers take on the future



Today’s environmental management plans can’t keep up with constant fluctuations in market conditions, environmental policies and local community expectations.

Strategies focused on Environmental Intelligence are now providing industrial facilities with the ability to make sense of an ‘information avalanche’. 

Join Andres Quijano on this webinar where he will discuss 3 key strategies industrial facilities are adopting to inform operational decisions and lower capital expenditure.

In this webinar Andres will share valuable strategies to:

Manage multiple environmental parameters

Getting a birds-eye-view of your facility to identify unfolding issues across multiple parameters including air quality, noise, vibration, dust, odour and water.

Identify sources of environmental incidents

Shortening investigation time of odour, dust and air quality complaints directed at industrial facilities from surrounding communities.

Plan ahead with predictive environmental management

Using predictive insights from weather and emissions modelling to schedule operational activities at the most optimum times.
About the host
Andres Quijano
Solution Design Engineer

Andres has over 15 years of experience creating integrated hardware and software solutions that assist environmental professionals and site operators to optimize their management plans. Recently, he has played the lead role in implementing Envirosuite’s groundbreaking solution at the Cerrejon mine to provide a proactive environmental management system including solutions for dust, blasting, vibration and groundwater and surface water.