eNose H2S and odour monitor

Our cost-effective odour and H2S monitoring device designed to collect actionable data at industrial operations to support 24/7 proactive emissions management with EVS Omnis software.


Take action on odour and H2S monitoring data to mitigate impact

Odour issues can be extremely disruptive to operations and require unique solutions. Our eNose hardware is designed to drive improvements in environmental and operational performance by helping you to understand and respond to air quality issues as they occur.

Our ammonia, VOC and H2S sensor suite has been designed to integrate with Envirosuite’s software solutions by capturing the odour and H2S monitoring data you need, when you need it.

Platform features

Real-time odour and H2S monitoring that drives action

Our eNose supports real-time management of unfolding air quality and odour issues. Data feeds directly into our EVS Omnis platform to provide actionable insights to manage odour emissions before they become bigger problems in the community.

Each unit contains an H2S sensor that is combined with Envirosuite’s proprietary algorithms for the measurement of odour intensity.

Built for industrial operations and urban areas

Easy to set up anywhere with real-time air quality, odour and H2S monitoring for rapid response.

Includes ammonia, VOCs and H2S sensors

The eNose u`ses ammonia, VOCs and H2S sensors to provide output in ppb for these substances directly into Envirosuite software.

Designed for ease of use and deployable H2S monitoring

Units are a modular design with simple component changes to keep operating costs down and power supply is easy to use.

24/7 H2S monitoring and proactive odour management

Data feeds directly into our EVS Omnis platform to provide actionable insights for users to proactively manage site-generated emissions at their operations.

Inside the product

Proactive industrial odour abatement starts the eNose and EVS Omnis software

The eNose has automatically integrates with Envirosuite’s unique software for emissions analysis, response and compliance reporting. Industrial operators can easily to interpret complex data, address operational challenges and build trust with stakeholders.

A combination of ammonia, VOC and H2S sensors

Each eNose uses a combination of ammonia, VOCs and H2S sensors processed with proprietary algorithms for proactive management of emissions.

An odour and H2S monitor designed to feed Envirosuite software

EVS Omnis software provides insights to take action on problematic sources of odorous emissions at your site and get a handle on the complex meteorological conditions that exacerbate them.

Customer service

Decades of experience is embedded directly in our EVS Omnis platform

Our eNose is designed specifically for delivering practical, easily understood information. Our team will work with you to advise how data can be used to avoid impacting surrounding communities and meet compliance obligations at your site.

All of the complex science is done behind the interface of the EVS Omnis platform. The software produces actionable insights based on odour monitoring and modelling outputs for any user to take action on unfolding emission events.

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