ANOMS Carbon Emissions

Detailed carbon emissions reporting software built to support airport sustainability initiatives today, tomorrow and in the future.

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Airport carbon emissions reporting software that accounts for every flight phase

There’s increasing pressure on the aviation industry to respond to climate change. Now more than ever, airlines and communities are placing pressure on airports to show that they’re doing all they can to improve operational efficiencies, while continuing to operate sustainably.

ANOMS Carbon Emissions helps airports engage with stakeholders around this issue, providing confidence in industry mitigation, aircraft emissions management and effectiveness of reduction strategies.

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Platform features

Aircraft CO2 emissions calculator that uses accurate flight track data

ANOMS Carbon Emissions automatically and continually assesses the amount of greenhouse gas emissions and provides aircraft CO2 emissions calculator for every flight phase - including taxiing, holding, landing, take-off and en-route.

Our aircraft emissions management software is provided at a lower cost than traditional methods. The platform provides more accurate and detailed aircraft emissions management data which is immediately available for reporting and analysis.

The most detailed aircraft C02 emissions calculator available

Emissions calculation data is based on actual flight tracks and weather conditions rather than using averages or approximations.

Demonstrate CSR around aircraft emissions management

Data can be included in airports' environment and corporate social responsibility reports, so you can proactively demonstrate your airport’s green credentials.

Support airport sustainability initiatives for emissions reduction

Ensure the community and decision makers draw the right conclusions and understand how operations are proactively working to reduce impact.

Best-practice methodologies on aircraft emissions management

The Aircraft CO2 emissions calculator follows best practices, using the methodology described in the ICAO Airport Air Quality Manual (Doc 9889).

Inside the product

Detailed aircraft emission management data powered by world-leading ANOMS software

ANOMS Carbon Emissions reporting software is provided at a lower cost than traditional methods, while providing more accurate and detailed aircraft emissions management data.

Visualise aircraft emissions management and segment data into relevant categories

Information can be viewed in total, or segmented into categories such as movement, passenger, passenger per kilometre and terminal manoeuvring area efficiency.

Aircraft C02 emissions calculator based on actual flight track data

Quantify airport emissions based on actual flight tracks and weather conditions while using methodology described in the ICAO Airport Air Quality Manual (Doc 9889).

Support your airport's sustainability initiatives and emissions reduction strategies

Easily report on your airport’s environment and corporate social responsibility efforts to demonstrate green procedures while building social license to operate.


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World class service to help your site get up and running quickly

Our team of specialists will work with you to address your site's specific requirements. We can answer questions you may have about operational or environmental challenges that your site may be experiencing.

We can make recommendations for third-party hardware our we can hook directly into pre-existing environmental monitoring and sensor networks at your site. Our platform is 'sensor-agnostic'.

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