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Wastewater treatment plants everywhere are servicing rapidly growing communities

As communities grow, wastewater treatment operations built on the outskirts of communities have gradually moved within buffer distances designed for odour control. Traditional ways of managing odour can no longer deliver performance that the community is happy with.

We understand the importance efficient wastewater treatment plants play within growing populations. Envirosuite’s software has been designed for operators to optimise their operations and take action on unfolding odour issues before they become far bigger problems.

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Core Features

Powerful capabilities for odour management at wastewater treatment plants

Envirosuite’s proprietary algorithms can identify the source of an odour issue faster than ever before. Our software is designed for anyone at wastewater management operations to understand their odour impact and how weather exacerbates them.

Pinpoint problematic odour and H2S emission events

Colour-coded dashboards visualise real-time data from environmental monitoring systems and is combined with local weather forecasts to take action on unfolding events.

Schedule maintenance during the best weather

Conduct maintenance activities in optimum weather conditions to avoid odour emissions leaving your site’s boundaries.

Diagnose the source of odour complaints

Run reverse trajectory modelling of odour complaints from pinpointed locations in the community to confirm or refute responsibility with defensible data.

Inside the product

Software designed for wastewater operators to plan for weather risk and keep things moving

Odour issues can overwhelm staff at wastewater treatment plants and are incredibly difficult to investigate and manage. Our software provides situational awareness to operators at wastewater management operations to act quickly and plan for rapid changes in weather.

Visualise real-time H2S and odour monitoring data with local weather forecasts

Our simple colour-coded dashboard provides actionable insights for teams to make operational adjustments and limit impact.


Schedule maintenance and operations with foresight using 72-hour odour risk reports

Plan for shifts where there is risk of odour emissions from operations travelling over the buffer zone and impacting surrounding communities.

Drastically reduce investigation of time of community odour complaints

Run reverse trajectory modelling to identify the likely source of odour complaints from pinpointed locations in the community to confirm or deny responsibility for odour complaints.

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Solutions for proactive odour management at wastewater treatment plants


We work with most sensors or monitoring devices.
We also build our own compliance grade hardware.

BYO Hardware

We can also work with your pre-existing H2S and odour monitoring system.

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"We are incredibly happy with Envirosuite software and the information it provides, particularly the detailed reports. The platform makes it easier to carry out day-to-day operations and get a better understanding of our site emissions."

Kathryn Turner Manager Asset and Planning Co-ordination Treatment and Production


Here are answers to common questions about our Wastewater solutions. Reach out to our team today if you don't see the answer you are looking for.

No. It’s so much more. The Envirosuite solution has been specifically designed from the ground up to provide real-time interpretation of information, in addition to efficient collection, storage and display of data, in a format that anyone in the organisation can use for effective decision making. The solution offers a flexible platform that can accept real-time information from many different devices (i.e. device agnostic).

Our technology incorporates a modular suite of monitoring, analysis, reporting and modelling tools to enable rapid response times and identify potential issues in advance. No alternatives in the market provide such a comprehensive toolkit for proactive air quality management. The system includes unique rapid-analysis tools, such as ‘arcs of influence’ and rapid reverse trajectory analysis, that are not available elsewhere in the market.

Odour observations or incidents can be entered by staff who are conducting routine odour investigations or can be entered by staff based on the company’s existing approach to collecting information about odour complaints. An alternative option that Envirosuite can offer is via a community facing mobile application or web form if the client would like to enable data gathering from the community in an effort to improve their community engagement process. Once data is received by Envirosuite, a reverse trajectory model is generated, providing staff with information to quickly understand the likely source of the incident, which supports potential options for rapid corrective action.

The Incident Intelligence solution also provides a channel to respond to the grievant via email with visual analysis results that are based on scientific analysis. Plant staff will be able to determine with confidence the source of incidents. Studying the Cluster or Heat-map views will also give context and enable further analysis of odour complaints over time. This information can reveal powerful insights about which site activities contribute most to off-site odour impacts, which supports capital planning decisions, enabling the plant management team to focus their spending where it will have the biggest impact to reduce these nuisances.

Our end-to-end solutions provide a smarter approach to managing your local environmental impact. We capture data from a wide variety of sensors, including noise, air quality, odour, dust, VOCs vibration and water quality that can be deployed to suit your environmental challenges. Our advanced tools provide centralised insights enabling your business to effectively manage and optimise your potential impact.

A case example is included below: Envirosuite was embedded into standard operating procedures at two facilities and provide continuous access to information and analysis to allow operators, management and other stakeholders to make efficient and effective decisions for odour management on a daily basis. Historical, real-time and forecast three-dimensional, non-steady state odour modelling was used to identify areas of potential odour impact before they occur, assess impact risks as they develop and analyse historical events.

Automated and on-demand backward trajectory analysis of complaints and abnormal operating conditions was used to determine the likely source of impacts to assist operational investigations. This led to the implementation of an early warning (boundary) system to identify potential offsite impact risk events and an on-site ‘hotspot' monitoring system for odour sources to provide a means to identify process upsets. The system is based on monitoring and analysis of hydrogen sulphide integrated with a system of automated performance analysis, alerts and reports.

There are very few alternatives that allow the generation of reverse trajectory models as soon as an incident has occurred. Forward trajectories are currently unique to Envirosuite. Where alternative near real-time reverse trajectory models exist, Envirosuite performs much better in the following ways. Alternative trajectory models run from very coarse meteorological data (9-11km resolution) and are not integrated in any way with actual observations. Our model can run with meteorology down to 100m and can integrate observed data in real-time into the calculation.

Envirosuite’s trajectory model is very accurate in turbulent conditions through its parameterisation of turbulent motion through similarity theory. Alternatives do not represent turbulence at all in the calculation of trajectories and will be very inaccurate in those conditions.

The financial benefits of Envirosuite vary according to the nature of the risks being managed. The benefits comprise tangible effects such as reduced operating costs or improved scheduling, and intangibles such as improved social license to operate. As an example, for an outlay of AUD$100,000 per year per site (excluding initial monitoring system installation) an Envirosuite solution at a wastewater treatment plant has been shown to produce a AUD$700,000 return in one year through improved odour management, reduced plant operating costs, efficient complaints resolution, and avoided degradation to asset health. This does not include any of the intangible benefits such as improved community relations. Envirosuite is subscription based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

Pricing is simply on a periodic license fee, although depending on the set-up needs (e.g., monitoring system installation, non-standard reporting configurations) there may be initial implementation costs. The subscription covers system access, updates, data storage and support services. The advantage of a subscription service is that no CAPEX outlay is required, and the cost typically fits within a client’s OPEX budget. Our monitoring and forecasting solutions are designed for rapid deployment, in as little as a few days.

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