Vibration Monitoring Terminal

Durable vibration monitoring equipment to reduce risk of structural damage from mining and construction activities.


Introducing the Vibration Monitoring Terminal

Our Vibration Monitoring Terminal or VMT enables real-time, continuous, tri-axial measurement for an accurate, uninterrupted record of vibration levels.

Each unit is designed for users to reduce the risk of structural damage, equipment failure and physical harm from excessive vibration at construction sites or mining operations.

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Product features

A simple and effective vibration monitoring terminal

The VMT continuously measures ground vibration in three axes, providing metrics for a wide range of applications including monitoring structural damage to buildings, assessing human response to vibration, or monitoring background vibration to ensure sensitive equipment operates correctly.

Each unit runs with minimal user attention, reducing your total monitoring cost and resources dedicated to the system.

Real-time industrial vibration monitoring and breach alerts

Units can continuously collect data in real-time and automatically delivers alerts via email or SMS to avoid breaching set limits.

Cover a full-range of vibration velocity standards

The system’s extensive dynamic range from 2 μm/s (VC-E) to over 300 mm/s ensures full coverage of vibration velocity levels.

In line with global compliance standards

The VMT offers a vibration monitoring system in compliance with ISEE (2 to 250 Hz), DIN 45669– 1 (1 to 315 Hz), DIN 45669– 1 (1 to 80 Hz), ISO 2631 and a range of other standards.

Easy remote installation and fast up-time

The VMT is a complete unit with sensor conditioning, processing, storage, GPS and wireless communication.

Inside the product

Vibration monitoring equipment to monitor structural damage and human response

Our VMTs are robust devices for industrial vibration monitoring you can rely on to reduce risk and limit the impact of your operations.

Act on alerts of potential risks immediately

Our vibration monitoring equipment logs data at 1-second intervals and generates—within seconds—vibration alerts in real-time based on user-configurable trigger levels.

Data feeds directly to Envirosuite software or can be operated as a standalone

VMTs can be operated as standalone hardware or from systems hosted by Envirosuite, such as EVS Omnis for urban and industrial applications.

Customer service

We offer a wide range of support on our vibration monitoring equipment

Envirosuite offers a wide range of support and services to ensure efficient as well as problem-free operations, traceable measurements and reporting. These include a range of calibration services (accredited and traceable), repairs, conformance tests, warranty extensions, installation, training, a help line and equipment rental. These services can be performed on site, locally or at authorized centres.

Annual and long-term service packs for our vibration monitoring systems are also available.

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