Sewer network monitoring for proactive management and response of safety, corrosion and odour risks in sewer networks.


Corrosion, odour and safety issues related to sulfide and methane are often only discovered after costly assets fail

Sewer corrosion can severely limit the lifetime of assets and costs millions to repair. Assets can fail well before the expected life of the equipment and costly manual inspection methods can only cover a small fraction of the network each year.

The cost of replacement and maintenance for unexpected issues can be in the millions. Odor issues in the network can be highly disruptive and understanding and managing safety issues related to sulfide and methane generation is a critical issue to most water utilities.

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Product features

Real-time sewer network monitoring for safety, corrosion and odour risk

SeweX identifies sewer corrosion issues before costly and disruptive incidents occur. Dynamic modelling of corrosion risk is translated to provide rapid analysis of the likely cause of corrosion risk that has occurred or is emerging. Alternative operating and control scenarios can then be simulated to identify the best approach for short-term response and long-term asset management.

The cause of odour complaints in the network can be quickly identified, together with analysis of potential dosing approaches to minimise ongoing costs for managing the issue.

Safety risk related to sulfide and methane generation is also easily understood with network-wide mapping of risk.

Powered by the proprietary SeweX modelling engine

Developed over 10 years by the University of Queensland and validated around the world.

Model physical, chemical and biological water processes

Over 30 outputs related to water quality and bi-product generation.

Visualise hotspots for sewer corrosion, odour and safety risk

Understand risk before serious incidents occur.

Water quality modelling expertise embedded in an easy to use interface

Assess the implications of different changes to operations without engaging costly third-party experts.

Inside the product

Real-time visualisation for odour, corrosion and safety risk in sewer networks

Market alternatives offer only simple storage and display of monitoring information. SeweX provides rapid understanding of risk as it develops and supports science-based decision making for making the best short-term and long-term decisions for improvement.

Identify significant savings in master planning of sewer assets

Develop cost effective mitigation strategies by determining the optimal chemical dosing design to suit the needs of a particular network.

Monitor of safety risks and performance across entire networks

Identify potential areas of safety risk in the network due to sulfide and methane generation.

Know when to make specific operational adjustments to reduce odour events

Quickly and easily understand the effects of alternative dosing strategies for short and long-term planning.


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Customer service

World class service

Operational and design data can be taken from the existing monitoring network or customer systems.

On-site or web-based training is provided to every customer as part of subscription fees. Ongoing support is provided via our 24-hour global support portal, which includes in-house subject experts to guide you in the most efficient use of the system.

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