ANOMS NoiseDesk supports the world’s leading airport noise monitoring systems

Airspace redesign, changing community sensitivities and regulatory constraints are increasingly limiting an airport’s ability to operate and grow.

ANOMS NoiseDesk provides 24/7 airport noise monitoring systems with powerful analytical and reporting capability. Airport teams are empowered to implement and track noise abatement procedure compliance while improving community engagement.

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Platform features

Connecting the power of flight tracker technology to airport noise monitoring systems

Now more than ever, airports need to engage and partner with their surrounding communities to understand and manage the environmental impact of operations.

ANOMS NoiseDesk provides a sophisticated system that links your airport's noise monitoring network with radar and flight systems, fusing the data to provide insight on noise exposure, compliance, operations and community engagement.

Airport noise reports of every aircraft arriving and departing

Access top-quality, complete noise and flight track information to efficiently communicate with stakeholders.

Manage noise compliance and identify procedure compliance

Identify which aircraft are flying and where, and detect which are failing to meet prescribed flight procedures.

Promptly investigate community complaints

Record every community enquiry and compile responses that identify which aircraft caused a complaint.

Highly accurate data using flight tracker technology

Ensure the wide range of data collected meets a level of accuracy and completeness to support decision making, presentation and statutory obligations.

Inside the product

24/7 airport noise monitoring systems supported by highly-accurate flight tracker technology

ANOMS NoiseDesk embeds proven expertise in noise abatement, stakeholder engagement, flight tracking and procedure performance to support regulatory compliance at airports.


Map flight corridors and analyse flight path trends

Analyse airport noise report data over time and identify trends. Know exactly how your airport operations are changing to help set community expectations and build understanding.

Assess noise abatement compliance and airline performance

ANOMS NoiseDesk reports clearly show where you’re meeting regulations and how well noise mitigation initiatives are working while performance of individual airlines are available at the press of a button.

Supported by the world’s largest noise office

Our Noise Office team is the largest in the world and is trusted by many of the world’s busiest airports. Our team stands ready to assist your airport by managing routine tasks or operating entire airport noise monitoring systems on your behalf.


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We are Aviation's most trusted software partner for airport noise monitoring systems

ANOMS NoiseDesk is the result of decades of partnership with the world’s most environmentally constrained airports.

We work directly with your airport to ensure tailor-fit airport noise monitoring systems. We are dedicated to ensuring your team can tackle challenges from noise abatement, community annoyance and engagement by integrating our world-leading software directly into your operations.

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