Who we are

Envirosuite helps businesses who are seeking answers on managing the environment in which they operate. We're forward thinking and strive to be world class, leading the way for our customers who want to operate intelligently in order to accelerate a sustainable future between their business, environments and people.

At Our Core

World leading

It's a big call to say world leading but we own it. We put everything into our technology to turn environmental data into real-time intelligence, equipping our customers with the knowledge to make better business decisions - for themselves and their communities.

Stand out products

We dream it up, we build it. Taking great science, operational insight and predictive algorithms to create incredible technology is the founding pillar of our company. We will always be makers and creators of stand out technology.

Knowledge seekers

To be the best at environmental technology, our work environment reflects a place where Environauts (our people) are encouraged to ask questions, have lively and respectful conversations, give each other shout-outs and to keep on exploring.

Our vision

We harness the power of environmental intelligence so industries grow sustainably and communities thrive.

Environmental Intelligence is the key to improving the wellbeing of people and the planet.

We are driven to create world-leading, science-based technology to help our customers act faster, perform better and realise their full potential with environmental intelligence.

Our Values

We're driven by purpose

We’re focused on changing the way that companies work within their environment. We dare ourselves to be the leaders, experts and innovators that help our customers to adapt as the world evolves around them – to grow their business and care for their communities.

We move as one

We’re made up of talented, passionate and high performing humans who can achieve good things individually and when we combine our skills, different perspectives, and collective hard work, moving as one - great things happen for us and our company.

We believe customers are the reason

We don’t just see customers; we see the humans. Without their problems, challenges, and goals we don’t actually have a business. Every day, we will relentlessly focus on making their day better through our solutions and services, helping them achieve great things.

We earn the trust

Our company is forged on trust. We earn ‘dependable’ status by showing up for and respecting our work buddies; we earn it with customers by delivering world class solutions and incomparable services; we earn it by owning our mis-steps; we earn it by always being honest in our conversations.

We challenge the now

We’re in a rolling state of continuous improvement and we accept the only constant is change. To be world beating, we must always be looking at the state of skills, products, and brand, asking ourselves in what ways can we make it better, today.

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Our roots

Many years in the making…

For decades, Envirosuite has been at the forefront of environmental intelligence solutions. With origins starting in 1990, Envirosuite is an entity that stems from the combination of air quality and meteorology consultancy (Pacific Environment), real-time and predictive technologies (Envirosuite) and world leading innovation in aviation (EMS Bruel & Kjaer).

Thanks to our heritage and DNA, today’s Envirosuite is the global leader with capabilities across Air, Noise, Water and Vibration; more than a dozen offices across five regions home to more than 250 staff - all ready to bring the power of environmental intelligence to the world.


Global, yet local

We have Environauts across the globe helping to build great products, provide best in class customer service and bringing environmental intelligence to the world.

North Sydney, Australia
Brisbane, Australia
Melbourne, Australia
Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Montréal, Canada
Santiago, Chile
Yizhuang, China
Bogotá D. C., Colombia
Søborg, Denmark
Central, Hong Kong
Gangnam-gu, South Korea
Madrid, Spain
Taipei, Taiwan
Folsom, USA