Environmental Monitoring Unit

Our all-in-one environmental monitoring network equipment collects real-time data on noise, vibration, blast-overpressure and weather to meet compliance requirements.

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Introducing our EMU Environmental Monitoring Unit

The Environment Monitoring Unit or EMU is ideal for businesses that need to continuously monitor multiple environmental parameters.

The hardware covers noise, weather, ground vibration and blast overpressure measurement all in the same unit. Users can demonstrate as well as maintain compliance and capture real-time monitoring data over long periods for informed planning and external stakeholder management.

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Hardware features

Deploy a reliable, continuous environmental monitoring network

Each unit is equipped with sensors, analyser, storage, battery and cellular communication in a rugged, waterproof and dust proof enclosure.

You do not need to purchase, connect or operate anything else to get going—simply unpack, connect the sensors, switch on and start gathering data.

Hardware setup as easy as 1, 2, 3

Fully integrated solution combining measurement, remote communication, system monitoring and power supply.

Continuous and uninterrupted

Self-monitoring and auto-restart capabilities for increased uptime and minimal gaps in data.

Compliance-grade data accuracy

Highly-accurate data in line with the global standards for stakeholders and environmental compliance.

Robust built for harsh environments

Permanent and portable monitoring hardware in IP67 chassis for use in harsh weather.

Connect with environmental intelligence

Visualise environmental data with Envirosuite software

EMUs can be operated as standalone hardware or from systems hosted by Envirosuite, such as EVS Aviation and EVS Omnis for urban and industrial applications

Support your environmental monitoring network with highly-accurate data

Noise, weather, vibration and blast over-pressure in a single outdoor monitoring unit delivers ease of use and cost savings

Precision measurement data covering a wide range of global standards

The EMU is an ISO20906 compliant solution combining measurement, communication, system monitoring and power supply .

Data feeds directly to Envirosuite software or can be operated as a standalone

EMUs capture environmental data and convert it into intuitive software interfaces for business decision support.

Cost-effective environmental monitoring solution for all applications, anywhere.

Built for simplicity, shaped for the future.

Our EMUs are designed to capture multiple environmental parameters in a single unit, enabling businesses to save cost on resources while maintaining regulatory compliance.


Interfaced with Outdoor Smart Microphone to provide real-time 1⁄2 s or 1s parameters allow EMUs to fulfill IEC 61672 Class 1 standards.


EMUs can also monitor weather with noise data, ensuring that measurements are not contaminated by meteorological conditions.


When used with a geophone, the EMU measures ground vibration in three axes, providing metrics for a wide range of applications.

Blast Overpressure

Connected with Blast Overpressure microphone, EMUs ensure compliance monitoring of mine blasting while meeting ISEE requirements

Customer service

We offer a wide range of support for all our environmental monitors

Envirosuite offers a wide range of support and services to ensure efficient as well as problem-free operations, traceable measurement and reporting. These include a range of calibration services (accredited and traceable), repairs, conformance tests, warranty extensions, installation, training, a help line and equipment rental. These services can be performed on site, locally or at authorized centres.

Annual and long-term service packs for EMUs and entire environmental monitoring network are also available.

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