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All-in-one environmental monitoring software to unlock value beyond compliance and future proof your operation.


Air emissions modelling and noise reporting environmental software. Your eyes, ears and nose on the ground.

Air quality, noise, fugitive dust, and other emissions leaving your facility’s boundaries can trigger community complaints. Knowing when you are operating within your compliance limits can be the difference between staying operational and shutting down.  
Omnis environmental monitoring software displays your site’s emission levels across multiple parameters, when you run the risk of exceeding them and exactly where you should focus mitigation efforts. Your team will be able to slow down when you need to or double down on production when there’s no risk of impact. 

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Real-time problems, real-time solutions.

Hyperlocal, hyper dependable.

Make confident operational decisions with a high-level of accuracy and relevancy based on an hourly hyperlocal weather forecasts and emissions models that provide up to 100m resolution.

Clearer insights, clearer air.

Act on site-generated emissions with real-time monitoring and air emissions modelling that pinpoints risk around your facility.

Revolutionary noise and vibration insights.

Keep your team moving within threshold limits with 24/7 secondly noise reporting, event playback and classification.

Effortless water management.

Mitigate risk and provide evidence of responsible operations with intelligent insights from water monitoring data across your site.


Environmental monitoring software providing real-time solutions.

Don’t wait for community complaints and operation shut downs to tell you something isn’t right.

Let Omnis be your guide. This revolutionary, cloud-based environmental monitoring software is your one-stop interface for real time environmental data. Don't believe us? The numbers don't lie.

Complaint reduction

Some customers have reported a 66% decrease in odour complaints since implementing Omnis*

Up to 7x ROI

Some of our customers have reduced operating costs leading to returns up to AUD$700,000*.

Used frequently

Omnis is accessed 25 times a day to support some of the most environmentally constrained operations around the world.

Our top 10

Landfills and mining operations are amongst our top 10 most frequent users.


Future proof your operation with groundbreaking environmental monitoring software and hyperlocal weather forecasts.

Smart alerts of potential impact leading to compliance breaches

Our easy-to-understand with colour-coded dashboard allows you and your team to act rapidly. Arcs of influence can use your environmental monitoring system to pinpoint issues to lower investigation times. 

Dive into non-compliance event playback noise reporting

Understand what noise events are making your facility non-compliant to make the right operational adjustments with event playback and classification.  

Unlock value beyond compliance with 100m resolution

Apply mitigation control at the right time from weather forecasting and optimising your operational activities based on air quality dispersion modelling. 

Pinpoint risk around your site with air emissions modelling software

Advanced algorithms can identify if it was your operation that caused the issue lodged by the community, or it was another culprit.

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Here are some answers to common questions around Omnis. Reach out to our team today if you don't see the answer you are looking for.

Envirosuite can model emissions from the operations using local continuous meteorological monitoring data (near real time air dispersion modelling) or using high resolution weather forecast data (forecast modelling for impact assessment and risk evaluation). The forecast model will provide an assessment of potential impacts extending from the current time out to 72 hours into the future at 1-hour timesteps. Advanced notice of potentially high- risk conditions enables the operation to make necessary adjustments before an adverse dust impact begins to occur and avoid risk. Discrete receptor locations can also be set in the system.

Real time modelling is used to assess the relative contribution of different emission sources to the total predicted concentration at any discrete receptor. This is another method of identifying the likely key contributing sources to potential impacts at a specific location, enabling control measures to target the source and ensure a problem does not occur.

There are very few alternatives that allow the generation of reverse trajectory models as soon as an incident has occurred. Forward trajectories are currently unique to Envirosuite. Where alternative near real-time reverse trajectory models exist, Envirosuite performs much better in the following ways. Alternative trajectory models run from very coarse meteorological data (9-11km resolution) and are not integrated in any way with actual observations. Our model can run with meteorology down to 100 m and can integrate observed data in real-time into the calculation.

Envirosuite’s trajectory model is very accurate in turbulent conditions through its parameterisation of turbulent motion through similarity theory. Alternatives do not represent turbulence at all in the calculation of trajectories and will be very inaccurate in those conditions.

Envirosuite’s Omnis platform is powered by hyperlocal air quality modelling and weather forecasting models. It is ideally suited to a wide range of air quality management needs, particularly for real-time and predictive management. We specialise in turning data into actions aimed at better practical management of air quality emissions.

The Omnis platform combines real-time air quality parameters and weather data to provide complex predictive modelling. Users can use understand how emissions will disperse in the environment and the areas that potential emission sources will impact.

Dispersion Models in Omnis are a powerful tool for customers when they are planning the day’s operations. They create a predictive picture of the environmental impact of modelled emission sources within the selected facility.

Trajectory Modelling in Omnis help pinpoint sources of air quality, dust or odour complaints through automatic reverse trajectory modelling to determine the likely sources of dust complaints lodged by nearby communities. Users can get an accurate representation of the likely trajectory from a sensitive receptor around the time of the complaint. This will help to understand whether the emission originated from the mining operation. System outputs can be used to enhance community engagement and build social license to operate.

Most off the shelf air quality modelling software doesn’t prepare industrial operations for environmental risk. 

It’s difficult for any operational team at an industrial operation to plan for emissions events and high weather risk when presented with too many options. Failure to respond rapidly to unplanned changes in the weather and potential emission events can quickly lead to negative and costly consequences.

Omnis environmental monitoring software displays your site’s emission levels across multiple parameters, when you run the risk of exceeding them and exactly where you should focus mitigation efforts. Your team will be able to slow down when you need to or double down on production when there’s no risk of impact.

Air emissions modelling capabilities in Omnis help pinpoint sources of air quality, dust or odour events through dispersion modelling, or automatic reverse trajectory modelling. 

Air emissions modelling in Omnis helps users anticipate environmental impacts of their emissions in real-time to allow them to prepare appropriate management actions. They can also determine the likely outcome of emissions from their site, a specific area or from equipment based on the forecast weather conditions. 

Insights from air emissions modelling can ultimately help optimise operations without risking costly non-compliance situations or potential community impact.

With the right monitoring equipment, and the right type of analysis, Omnis can give customers an early warning of noise issues that are emerging or predict the conditions that lead to higher impacts, so that they can be ready for them. Envirosuite’s toolkit of automated analysis and reports can also reduce the burden of regulator reporting that goes with managing noise issues, by automating the creation and distribution of information related to the compliance. 

Industrial facilities benefit from using Omnis by having access to more accurate reporting on noise levels within the facility itself as well as nearby areas. This allows them to make informed decisions based on real-time data instead of relying on guesswork or outdated methods of estimating noise levels.

Noise events that caused exceedance can also be played back to classify them based on their root cause. By doing this, users can better understand what is happening around them and adjust accordingly to stay within local regulations. This helps them avoid fines or other penalties while simultaneously reducing their overall environmental impact.

Omnis software has been designed so that non-subject matter experts can identify and understand noise issues as soon as they occur. Our intuitive interface integrates the analysis of complex science, together with hardware designed specifically for operational response.