Beyond Boundaries

On our podcast we discuss emerging trends where businesses are now looking beyond their own boundaries with environmental intelligence.



Innovative dust management with EI and data | SaaS to sense weather and noise factors

How EI solutions applied in dust management saves labour and resources for mine sites; how EI technology collects and analyses weather and noise data today, to precisely predict what will happen tomorrow; and how Environmental SaaS (software as a service) adds value to both business operations and communities


Supersonic project | How EI technology is applied to noise problems in the Aviation industry

How EI is changing the world: Envirosuite’s long-term supersonic aircraft project with NASA, what airport noise problems look like in the future, and how global citizens experience EI technology with the development of supersonic aircrafts.


Who we are | The secrets of Environmental Intelligence (EI)

Meet our hosts! Introducing Envirosuite, a small Australian technology company with big aims How EI is impacting everyone’s daily life, and how EI solutions are helping business and communities.