Keep your team moving. Within noise limits.

24/7 noise monitoring solutions


Noise monitoring is complex. Staying within thresholds doesn't have to be.

Noise is a problem that everybody in the world understands. When there is too much noise, or the wrong type of noise, people don’t like it and they complain. Businesses with noise issues have poor relationships with the community, which could quickly escalate to regulators enforcing restrictions on the non-complying party.  

We have over 40 years of applied noise management experience across a diverse range of industry sectors including mining, cities and heavy industrial operations.

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Core benefits

24/7 noise monitoring software and hardware solutions

Envirosuite’s solutions are designed to be used by non-specialists. Our solutions are built to measure your environmental exposure while maintaining stakeholder engagement and ensuring noise monitoring levels don’t exceed determined thresholds.

We are committed to providing reliable noise monitoring solutions to manage environmental compliance and foster stakeholder engagement. Your operation will be able to reduce the burden of regulatory activity that goes with managing noise issues by automating environmental compliance reporting and acting on highly accurate information to mitigate risk.

Real-time noise monitoring software

Visualise continuous environmental monitoring systems in parallel with community noise level.

Alerts of threshold limits

Take action on noise issues that are emerging and predict the conditions that lead to higher impacts, so that you can be ready for them.

Automated noise compliance reports

Automate noise compliance data to report on your environmental impact and provide information to regulators.

Engage with stakeholders

Enable surrounding communities to submit noise observations through a public facing interface.

Inside the product

Proven noise monitoring software and hardware solutions

Our simple-to-use products are focussed on delivering practical, easily understood information. Our public facing portals can assist your operation in creating an efficient stakeholder management process to build trust and tolerance with neighbouring communities.


Investigate noise disturbances in the community

Determine the likely source of noise complaints at your facility in order to take action on areas that matter.


Arm your operation with defensible noise management data

Public portal solutions for the community to submit observations, view flight tracking and carry out self-investigation.


Support growth and expansion plans

Rich data sets supported by complex environmental science arm your operation with a powerful tool to efficiently build trust and credibility.

Want to know more about our Noise solutions?

Find out how Environmental Intelligence can help you unlock value beyond environmental compliance and empower you to make confident operational decisions.

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Recommended products for noise monitoring

Recommended products for noise management at industrial operations and airports


We work with most sensors or noise monitoring devices.
We also build our own compliance-grade noise monitoring hardware.

Or BYO hardware

We also work with your pre-existing noise monitoring devices.


Real-time noise monitoring solutions for a wide range of industries

We have extensive experience across a range of industries that need the latest hardware and software to monitor and manage noise in their operations.


Protect your social licence to operate

We’ve been enabling mining operations to grow and surrounding communities to thrive with predictive environmental management since day one.


Aviation’s most trusted environmental intelligence solution

World leading software and hardware built for solving complex challenges from airport noise, aircraft tracking and community engagement.
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