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Integrated noise monitoring software and hardware solutions to keep your operations moving within compliance thresholds.


Noise is a problem that everybody in the world understands. When there is too much noise, or the wrong type of noise, people don’t like it and they complain.

Businesses with noise issues have poor relationships with the community, which could quickly escalate to regulators enforcing restrictions on the non-complying party.  


Operators today find it increasingly challenging to maintain noise compliance. It’s difficult to isolate what activities lead to breaches or what causes non-compliance events.

This also hinders the ability to provide accurate traceable reporting to regulatory stakeholders.


We are committed to providing reliable noise monitoring solutions to manage noise compliance and support transparent stakeholder engagement.

Our digital solutions represent over 30 years of applied noise management experience across a diverse range of industry sectors including aviation, mining, cities and heavy industrial operations.

Industry-proven technology for noise monitoring and management

Our integrated hardware and software solutions gives you the tools to manage noise compliance risks quickly and efficiently in an easily accessible, intuitive platform.





Noise monitoring software with in-built expertise

24/7 noise monitoring and alerting

Understand non-compliance risks across your site to deploy noise management strategies and resources.

Detailed analysis of non-compliance events

Understand if the event was caused by your facility or something else and classify it in reporting.

Provide accurate compliance reports to regulators

Automate noise compliance data to report on your environmental impact and provide information to regulators.

Work transparently with communities and regulators

Enable surrounding communities to submit noise observations through a public facing interface.

Visualise airport noise events and complaint sources

Use transparent communication to build relationships with surrounding communities and manage community sentiment to use as a basis for future growth plans.

Build tolerance to strengthen social licence

Highly accurate proactive airport community engagement and transparent communication with communities to increase airspace understanding and tolerance. 

Empower communities to self-investigate airport noise

Rich data sets supported by complex environmental science arm your operation with a powerful tool to efficiently build trust and credibility.

Bring noise compliance, community and operations together

Maintain compliance with licence conditions

Build social licence to operate 

Support growth and expansion plans

Get up and running quickly with dedicated support


Here are answers to common questions about our noise management and compliance solutions. Reach out to our team today if you don't see the answer you are looking for.

Envirosuite's software feeds into our compliance grade noise monitoring hardware (EMU) to help achieve environmental compliance with highly accurate data for stakeholders in line with the global standards. 

By utilising our data from our compliance-grade noise monitoring equipment and our software's sophisticated analysis techniques, our combined solutions can alert customers to noise issues in their early stages, allowing proactive measures to be taken.

Envirosuite's software seamlessly integrates the analysis of complex scientific data, ensuring that users, even those without deep expertise, can make informed decisions. This integration enhances the overall understanding of noise-related issues. 

Operators are provided with accurate real-time insights to understand if their facility is compliant with noise regulations and what may be causing non-compliance across their site.

Building upon decades of noise expertise, our solutions take noise vibration management to new heights.

Unique benefits of our solutions include early warning capabilities, highly detailed analysis of any noise events, highly accurate automated reporting for regulatory compliance, and a modern intuitive interface that allows non-experts to identify and understand noise issues promptly. These features collectively contribute to effective noise management. 

Powerful capabilities give you more depth on how to manage noise and vibration impact at your operation, while also providing the option to manage other parameters such as air quality, odour and water.

Yes, historical data can be retrieved at any time. This feature serves multiple purposes, including providing stakeholders with highly accurate reporting, conducting detailed analysis on site data and preventing financial penalties associated with non-compliance. 

The Envirosuite team and technology platform remotely self-monitors all in-service instruments to quickly identify outages and issues with measurements in accordance with the service level agreement. In cases where sensors may be offline, our systems detect the downtime, and we alert the local teams to rectify and minimise system downtime.

The service level agreements come in three levels, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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Envirosuite helps businesses who are seeking answers on managing the environment in which they operate.

We’ve been at the forefront of environmental intelligence since 1990 managing air quality, noise, vibration and water challenges.


connected devices providing situational awareness to operations.


countries with more informed and engaged local communities.


technologists, scientists, engineers, and analysts at your fingertips.


years experience solving complex environmental challenges, intelligently.

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Customer Stories

“Envirosuite solutions allow us to continuously monitor at key community locations 365 days a year. This helps us to not only better understand our operations within the local community but also give us insights into our processes to proactively manage them."

Kirstin McCarthy Sustainability Director, Aggregate Industries

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