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Proactive odour management solutions for industrial operations, sewer networks and municipalities.


Odour management can be a game of 'cat and mouse'

Complaints about industrial and sewer network odour issues are challenging. They are a complex interplay between quantitative sciences and people’s perceptions. Odour is something that we can’t see, and has always been difficult and expensive to measure.  
Our technology is built on 30 years of expertise of proactive odour management for industrial operations, sewer networks and city authorities.


Core benefits

Proactive odour monitoring and management software for multiple applications

Responding to complaints is notoriously difficult. As a result, many odour problems are chronic and communities become hostile about it. We are dedicated to enabling industrial and municipal facilities to operate within their full environmental capacity through advanced odour monitoring and management solutions. 

Our technology empowers you to take action on problematic sources of odorous emissions at industrial operations, wastewater treatment plants and sewer networks.

Real-time odour monitoring, alerts and visualisation

Act on potential exceedances and site-generated odour breaches to make operational adjustments.

Diagnose the source of odour complaints

Run reverse trajectory modelling to determine the likely sources odour complaints lodged by nearby communities. 

Model weather and ground level odour measurements

Model odour impact and concentrations at your site up to 72-hours in advance, while understanding potential impact outside of your facility. 

Identify the source cause and odour risk before it occurs

Use predictive modelling to optimise dosing decisions across the entire sewer network that will avoid corrosion and odour issues. 

Inside our platforms

Software solutions to support odour monitoring and management strategies

Envirosuite software offerings give you the tools to manage an odour problem quickly and efficiently: real-time odour monitoring, advanced analytics emissions modelling, predictive modelling of methane and hydrogen sulphide generation in sewer networks and effective community complaints management are all easily accessible on our intuitive platforms. 

Real-time odour monitoring visualisation

Visualise odour intensity data from eNose odour monitoring systems to identify unfolding issues at your site before they impact communities.

Identify neighbourhood 'hotspots' and reduce complaint investigation time

Pinpoint the likely source of odour complaints directed at your site to drastically shorten investigation times while reducing the level of annoyance and hostility in the community. 


Plan for shifts with the highest weather and odour risk

Calculate odour at specific locations within your facility and outside the boundaries to understand your potential impact now and 72-hours in the future. 

More accurate representation of risk for efficient and effective responses to sewer odour complaints

Identify the available solutions and evaluate the options based on the concentration details of pH, various sulphur and carbon compounds (including H2S and CH4) impacting sewer corrosion rates, the service life of the sewer and a heat map of the identified hotspots.  

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Recommended products for odour management

Software for odour monitoring and our proprietary eNose hardware 


Our EVS Omnis platform works with most sensors or odour monitoring devices. 

We also build our own eNose hardware. 

Or BYO hardware

We also work with your pre-existing odour monitoring network.

Hear from our customers

“Envirosuite has helped us to baseline local hydrogen sulfide levels to better evaluate odour mitigation efforts and keep the community informed of air quality in the area. The system is being expanded to track additional sources to best target odour reduction efforts and identify capital improvement projects that will have beneficial impacts on the Kalamazoo community.”

Jim Cornell Kalamazoo Wastewater Division Manager, City of Kalamazoo
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