Proactive dust monitoring technology

Digital dust management solutions powered by 24/7 real-time and predictive insights from hyperlocal weather forecasts.  


Effective fugitive dust management at industrial operations requires detailed information, specifically how to focus the action efficiently on the cause of the problem.

Problematic levels of dust particles can be invisible and are often highly variable over time and their impacts strongly depend on weather conditions.


In all cases, knowing the scale of the problem needs measurement and analysis. The ability to avoid future problems needs much more sophisticated information on fugitive dust source behaviour and meteorology.


We understand the importance of mitigating fugitive dust impact risk while remaining highly productive.

Our digital solutions enable operational flexibility to increase efficiency while maintaining compliance and minimising environmental risk.

Industry-leading technology for dust monitoring and management

Our integrated hardware and software solutions give you the tools for proactive dust monitoring to manage fugitive emission sources quickly and efficiently in an easily accessible, intuitive platform.





Achieve situational awareness to tackle dust management challenges

Know when you are at risk of non-compliance

24/7 real-time insights and smart alerting allows you to understand emissions sources in real-time.

Gain operational lead time to optimise planning

Hyperlocal weather and emissions forecasts enable you to run detailed, predictive operational scenarios to schedule operations at the best times. 

Reduce investigation time of fugitive dust events

Proprietary algorithms support event analysis of high readings on dust monitors to determine cause of events at your site.

Continuously improve dust control strategies

Advanced real-time operational guidance empowers you to effectively deploy targeted mitigation strategies.

Unlock value beyond dust monitoring and compliance

Lower cost of dust mitigation resources

Identify non-compliance and nuisance risks early

Reduce impact on workforce and communities

Minimise costly stoppages and downtime


Here are answers to common questions about our dust management solutions. Reach out to our team today if you don't see the answer you are looking for.

Envirosuite goes beyond simple visualisation and basic dust monitoring applications. The power of Envirosuite is in the capture, storage and analysis of real-time data and forecasting abilities, giving it unique application to evolving operational issues. In addition to compliance, the user has powerful tools to respond quickly to alerts, minimise or avoid off-site impacts and hence, be a good neighbour.

Hyperlocal weather forecasting and real-time dust monitoring networks can play an essential role in supporting dust control strategies at industrial sites. By understanding weather patterns and how they can impact dust emissions, operators can integrate with their dust control measures to ensure that they are optimised for reducing the negative impact of emissions on public health and neighbouring communities.

Predictive solutions allow you to analyse scheduling plans in advance and get operational lead team to minimise costly stoppages (e.g. “We need an extra water truck.”). Any real-time dust monitoring systems you have in place can also validate any predictions.

This is ideal if your operation requires more time to set a plan before a fugitive dust event or you need forewarning by at least a few hours. Predictive dust management systems can provide confidence to set a robust plan using powerful range of options with advanced notice to enable preparations prior to the shift.​ You will be able to understand your dust risk is 8 hours in advance to plan for the next work shift.

Envirosuite solutions provides operational efficiency and cost savings for mining organisations. For example, traditionally mines will have dust management strategies, such as watering haul roads, operating to differing production rates or taking additional measures like standing up non-essential equipment such as dozers, or reducing the number of trucks in the hauling fleet, etc.

By having situational awareness at a granular level across the operations a mining operator can better target fugitive dust hotspot areas (e.g. haul roads, pits and tailings dam beaches) and optimise production while also saving on the cost of mitigation in areas where it is not needed.

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"We use Envirosuite across our business to support the world’s best practices in our mining and port operations enabling continued improvement in terms of our environmental, community and financial outcomes. I would recommend to my peers in other mining operations globally to consider adopting the platform to enable the improvement of critical controls and performance metrics."

Jon Evans COO Cerrejón Mine

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