Water Quality

Digital solutions to assist water monitoring, water quality compliance and maintaining licence conditions for water usage and discharge.


Historical water monitoring data is difficult to integrate into operational planning

Water is a scarce and valuable resource. Community expectations around water treatment optimisation and environmental management continue to increase. Historical water quality monitoring data or spreadsheets can only provide a snapshot of a moment in time.

It’s difficult to act without a clear understanding of water quality, and how it changes over time, or what’s happening right now. We offer a range of powerful software solutions for environmental managers, plant operators and asset managers to improve both operational and environmental performance at their sites.

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Core benefits

Software solutions for water quality monitoring, asset management and operational success

Envirosuite’s solutions are designed to be used by non-specialists and specialists alike. We incorporate best-practice industry approaches consistent with Envirosuite’s philosophy of embedding the world’s leading science in technology that is useful for decision makers.

Our software solutions can assist industrial operations with industrial water quality monitoring or complex infrastructure management at water utilities. Act on intelligent insights from your real-time water quality monitoring data, provide highly accurate data as evidence for stakeholder engagement or support asset management decisions at water treatment plants.

Visualise water quality monitoring networks

View data from EC, Flow rate, Turbidity, PH and Temperature. Receive early warnings of potential thresholds breaches and impact to downstream marine ecosystems.

Understand impact on downstream marine ecosystems

Schedule specific operating activities without impacting surrounding marine ecosystems and surface water quality.

Receive daily advice to achieve water quality compliance

Understand your plant's water quality compliance and what settings are needed to before releasing it into municipal waterways.

Predict and avoid costly water quality incidents

Keep operations at full speed when there is a low risk of breaching water quality compliance limits with machine learning based forecasts.

Inside the product

Operational insights from water monitoring networks. Decision support for water asset management.

Enable anyone in your team to act on actionable insights from real-time water quality monitoring data at industrial operation, or operate complex water assets with deterministic modelling and machine learning.

Reduce the burden of regulatory reporting on water monitoring data

Automate reporting of water quality monitoring parameters to provide regulators and stakeholders evidence of best practice environmental management

Forecast water quality compliance incidents

Machine learning based forecasts flag potential environmental incidents at treatment plants up to 24 hours in advance, so that operators can take preventative action.

Harness the power of machine learning and validated water quality modelling

Hour-by-hour forecasts for optimal plant settings over the next 24 hours to achieve operational efficiency and water quality compliance goals.

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Find out how Environmental Intelligence can help you unlock value beyond environmental compliance and empower you to make confident operational decisions.

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We can work with your pre-existing data feeds or water quality monitoring devices.

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