Hyperlocal air quality management

24/7 ambient air quality monitoring and forecasting solutions to identify non-compliance events in advance and minimise impact.


Taking action on ambient air quality issues requires information: it's not enough to just know that there is an issue, you need to know how to focus actions efficiently on the cause of the problem.

For many types of emissions, seeing the problem is not possible because the pollutant is invisible. Emissions are also often highly variable over time and their impact strongly depend on weather conditions. 


Static air quality monitoring data for compliance and paper-based reports don’t provide the situational awareness at today’s industrial operations required to deploy effective emissions control strategies or respond to breaches.

It’s difficult for operators to know the impact certain weather conditions will have on operational activities and when they need to plan for high-risk periods.


The air we breathe is at the core of Envirosuite's business. We have always believed in the power of environmental intelligence to tackle air quality monitoring challenges.

Our digital solutions represent 30+ years of tackling air quality management and compliance challenges for heavy industrial operations and municipalities.  

Industry-proven technology for ambient air quality monitoring and management

Our integrated hardware and software solutions give you the tools to manage ambient air quality issues quickly and efficiently in an easily accessible, intuitive platform.





Take on a rapidly changing world with proactive air quality management

24/7 insights and smart alerting of compliance risks

Visualise site-specific air quality monitoring network to target specific areas that require further attention and save on mitigation resources.

Run operational scenarios and predict impact

Visualise high risk areas of your site with hyperlocal weather forecasts and emissions intelligence. 

Reduce investigation time of air quality events

Rapidly analyse high readings on air quality monitors to determine cause of events at your site.

Work openly and transparently with communities

Evidence to confirm or deny responsibility for emissions events while supporting transparent communication.

Understand impact from ground level operations

Visualise real-time air quality data from sensor networks to understand your airports impact on community from ground operations.

Shorten investigation time of air quality events

Operators can investigate air quality events from ground operations with minimal impact to resources.

Streamline ambient air quality monitoring at your operations

Reduce costs of emissions mitigation strategies

Maintain compliance with licence conditions

Avoid incidents and minimise costly stoppages

Get up and running quickly with dedicated support


Here are answers to common questions about our ambient air quality monitoring and management solutions. Reach out to our team today if you don't see the answer you are looking for.

Envirosuite goes beyond simple visualisation and basic air quality monitoring applications. The power of Envirosuite is in the capture, storage and analysis of real-time data and forecasting abilities, giving it unique application to evolving operational issues. In addition to compliance, the user has powerful tools to respond quickly to alerts, minimise or avoid off-site impacts and hence, be a good neighbour.

Compliance solutions tend to be heavily geared towards regulatory grade monitoring equipment. Our solutions unlock value after compliance requirements been established to help operate to environmental capacity. This includes providing highly detailed data to help manage compliance solutions.  

We can hook into your pre-existing air quality monitoring and sensor networks at your site or make recommendations for third-party hardware. We also offer our own air quality monitors.

Powered by Kunak, our hyperlocal air quality monitors are designed to collect real-time information across multiple parameters. Data feeds directly into our software and is combined with Envirosuite’s proprietary algorithms to provide actionable insights for users to proactively manage site-generated emissions at their operations.

Envirosuite’s Omnis platform is ideally suited to a wide range of air quality monitoring needs, particularly for real-time and predictive management. We specialise in turning data into actions aimed at better practical management of dust.  

Examples of use cases include quickly tracking down the sources of problem emissions where there are multiple sources, responding with confidence to current and predicted emissions issues that might cause adverse impacts, and planning for better times to conduct emitting activities and avoid adverse impacts.

Insights from Envirosuite air quality management solutions can also be used to ensure operational personnel are clearly advised about upcoming risks of impacts, produce automated compliance reports and enabling rapid response to community complaints.

Hyperlocal weather forecasting and real-time odour monitoring networks can play an essential role in supporting odour abatement strategies at landfill sites. By understanding weather patterns and how they can impact odour dispersion, operators can integrate with their odour control measures to ensure that they are optimised for reducing the negative impact of emissions on public health and neighbouring communities.

Envirosuite's air quality management solutions displaysyour site’s emission levels across multiple air quality parameters, when you run the risk of exceeding them and exactly where you should focus mitigation efforts. Your team will be able to slow down when you need to or double down on production when there’s no risk of impact.

Air emissions modelling capabilities can help pinpoint sources of air quality, dust or odour events through dispersion modelling, or automatic reverse trajectory modelling.

Reverse trajectory modelling is a meteorological tool that allows you to instantly run models that trace the likely source. Staff at your site are able to determine if a problematic event in the community potentially was in fact caused by their site, and is valid, or came from another source - all within minutes.

The path and elevation of the detected event for up to 60 minutes preceding the complaint, or high monitor reading, can be shown by pinpointing where and when the complaint was generated. As a result, you are able check if that trajectory leads back to their location or points to another site (such as a neighbouring industrial facility), or possibly natural causes, as the responsible entity.

We are the world’s leading environmental intelligence provider.

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Customer Stories

"As a large industrial company, one of our goals is to minimise possible environmental impacts and continuously improve air quality in the nearby areas. Envirosuite solutions provide us with the tools to gain actionable real-time information, including modelling and forecasting of air quality in our production area and in the local community, to better analyse our impact and plan the day-to-day operations of our production facilities, which will help us improve environmental performance.”

Martin Sikk Safety and Environmental Manager, VKG Oil

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