Digital vibration monitoring solutions

Ground vibration monitoring systems providing 24/7 insights to reduce risk of structural damage and community impact.


Mining operations or construction projects can cause significant impact on surrounding neighbourhoods, buildings and infrastructure.

Due to local community concerns, construction activities are often subject to operational restrictions.


In today’s world, industrial operators must engage with communities early and transparently, demonstrating a proactive approach to vibration monitoring.

It's difficult to know when they are operating within vibration compliance thresholds using static data, and the impact they may have on nearby communities or structures.


We understand the difficulty of operating efficiently under strict licence conditions and thresholds.

Our continuous vibration monitoring solutions come from a 30-year heritage of implementing solutions for complex noise and vibration challenges to support operational goals from a diverse range of industries.

A complete ground vibration monitoring system

Our integrated hardware and software solution gives you the tools for effective ground vibration monitoring in an easily accessible, intuitive platform.





Situational awareness of ground vibration impact across your site

24/7 ground vibration monitoring and alerts

Receive alerts for vibration monitoring thresholds to accurately measure your environmental exposure and potential impact risk.

Generate highly accurate compliance reports

Ensure regulators and stakeholders get the information they need with automated vibration impact reports.

Build community trust with transparency

Communicate with communities through all stages of a project’s lifecycle by accessing historical vibration monitoring data to demonstrate responsible operations.

Streamline your site's vibration monitoring system to keep your team moving

Reduce workplace and community safety risks

Minimise expensive stoppages and downtime

Respond quickly to community concerns

Site-specific implementation with dedicated support


Here are answers to common questions about Envirosuite's ground vibration monitoring systems. Reach out to our team today if you don't see the answer you are looking for.

Envirosuite goes beyond simple visualisation and basic vibration monitoring applications. The power of Envirosuite is in the capture, storage and analysis of real-time data and forecasting abilities, giving it unique application to evolving operational issues. In addition to compliance, the user has powerful tools to respond quickly to alerts, minimise or avoid off-site impacts and hence, be a good neighbour.

Our Vibration Monitoring Terminal (or VMT) enables real-time, continuous, tri-axial measurement for an accurate, uninterrupted record of vibration levels. Our system’s extensive dynamic range from 2 μm/s (VC-E) to over 300 mm/s ensures full coverage of vibration velocity levels.

Each unit is designed for users to reduce the risk of structural damage, equipment failure and physical harm from excessive vibration at construction sites or mining operations.

The VMT is a complete unit with sensor conditioning, processing, storage, GPS and wireless communication. It offers a vibration monitoring system in compliance with ISEE (2 to 250 Hz), DIN 45669– 1 (1 to 315 Hz), DIN 45669– 1 (1 to 80 Hz), ISO 2631 and a range of other standards.

Our Vibration Monitoring Terminal (or VMT) offers a vibration monitoring system in compliance with ISEE (2 to 250 Hz), DIN 45669– 1 (1 to 315 Hz), DIN 45669– 1 (1 to 80 Hz), ISO 2631 and a range of other standards.

Each VMT continuously measures ground vibration in three axes, providing metrics for a wide range of applications including monitoring structural damage to buildings, assessing human response to vibration, or monitoring background vibration to ensure sensitive equipment operates correctly.

Each unit runs with minimal user attention, reducing your total monitoring cost and resources dedicated to the system

Envirosuite offers a wide range of support and services to ensure efficient as well as problem-free operations, traceable measurements and reporting. These include a range of calibration services (accredited and traceable), repairs, conformance tests, warranty extensions, installation, training, a help line and equipment rental. These services can be performed on site, locally or at authorized centres.

Annual and long-term service packs for our vibration monitoring systems are also available.

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Envirosuite helps businesses who are seeking answers on managing the environment in which they operate.

We’ve been at the forefront of environmental intelligence since 1990 managing air quality, noise, vibration and water challenges.


connected devices providing situational awareness to operations.


countries with more informed and engaged local communities.


technologists, scientists, engineers, and analysts at your fingertips.


years experience solving complex environmental challenges, intelligently.

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Customer Stories

We use Envirosuite across our business to support the world’s best practices in our mining and port operations enabling continued improvement in terms of our environmental, community and financial outcomes. I would recommend to my peers in other mining operations globally to consider adopting the platform to enable the improvement of critical controls and performance metrics."

Jon Evans COO, Cerrejón Mine

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