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Our continuous vibration monitoring system is made for industrial operators to reduce risk of structural damage and impact on surrounding communities.



Vibration monitoring to reduce the chance of operational stoppages and regulatory fines

Mining operations or construction projects can cause significant impact on surrounding neighbourhoods, buildings and infrastructure. Due to local community concerns, construction activities are often subject to operational restrictions. We understand the difficulty of operating efficiently under strict licence conditions and thresholds.

Our continuous vibration monitoring solutions come from a 30-year heritage of implementing solutions for complex noise and vibration challenges to support operational goals from a diverse range of industries.

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Core benefits

Stay within compliance limits using continuous vibration monitoring solutions

Our continuous vibration monitoring systems are designed to empower your operation with actionable insights through data capture, visualisation, analytics, prediction and reporting.

Our software works with continuous vibration monitoring networks to provide metrics for a wide range of applications including monitoring structural damage to buildings, assessing human response to vibration, or monitoring background vibration to ensure sensitive equipment operates correctly.

Know when you are operating within thresholds

Receive alerts for vibration monitoring thresholds to accurately measure your environmental exposure.

Engage with stakeholders using public portals

Enable surrounding communities to submit vibration observations through a public facing interface.

Generate compliance reports with highly accurate data

Ensure regulators and stakeholders get the information they need with automated vibration impact reports.

Transparently engage with the community

Engage with communities through all stages of a project’s lifecycle by accessing historical data to provide transparency.

Inside the product

Vibration monitoring systems built for today's dynamic operating environments

Our product is designed for specific vibration monitoring requirements so you can avoid unwanted detail and get straight to the relevant, actionable information you need to minimise impact.


Visualise ground vibration monitoring terminals across an entire site

Identify unfolding issues to manage your vibration impact in real-time while accurately measuring your environmental exposure.


Satisfy all stakeholders and regulators with automated compliance reporting

Communicate with communities through all stages of a project’s lifecycle by accessing historical vibration monitoring data to provide transparency.


Understand ground vibration throughout all project lifecycle stages

Get a deeper understanding of your site’s vibration impact and how it performs against regulatory and environmental standards to optimise operational output.

Recommended solutions for vibration monitoring

Software and hardware solutions for vibration monitoring applications across multiple industries


We also build compliance-grade vibration monitoring hardware.

Or BYO hardware

We can also work with other vibration monitoring data.

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