Public Utility Board of Singapore signs on for EVS Water

Singapore uses 430 million gallons of water every day, and PUB is ensuring that this water is captured, safe to use and adequately supplied.


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Key Highlights

  • Public Utility Board of Singapore has contracted to implement EVS Water.

  • First international water utility to use EVS Water.

  • First application of EVS Water for drinking water addressing a universal and global challenge.

  • Strongest endorsement to date of EVS Water with Singapore being a recognised early adopter of subsequent major technology shifts

To celebrate World Water Day, Envirosuite is pleased to announce an agreement with Public Utility Board Singapore (PUB) for its SaaS product offering, EVS Water Plant Optimiser, marking a significant expansion of Envirosuite’s existing commercial relationship with PUB Singapore and the first application globally for EVS Water in the drinking water sector.

PUB is the national water agency under the Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment that manages Singapore’s water supply, water catchment, and used water in an integrated way. Singapore uses 430 million gallons of water every day, and PUB is ensuring that this water is captured, safe to use and adequately supplied.

A current operational challenge for water utilities globally is managing the fluctuation of incoming water quality. Utilities often rely on manual, slow, expensive and unreliable processes such as periodical jar testing that do not synchronise with real-time water flows resulting in imperfect chemical dosing that leads to further consequential issues and costs.

Envirosuite won PUB’s Global Innovation Challenge (GIC) in June 2021 for coagulant dosage in water treatment processes, as part of their water management ecosystem and from a field of 104 applicants. Since then Envirosuite has been working closely with PUB to map out the implementation for this project.

EVS Water Plant Optimiser is Envirosuite's proprietary digital twin technology for engineers, plant operators and asset managers at water utilities to improve both operational and environmental performance.

Envirosuite is now digitally transforming PUB's water and wastewater treatment plants

EVS Water Plant Optimiser will be used to help PUB determine the required coagulant dosage in water treatment processes that will make the process faster, more connected, and automated. The contract will yield a material increase in the annualised recurring revenue (ARR) of the high margin EVS Water business.

In addition to PUB’s adoption of EVS Water, the national water agency has already introduced EVS Omnis to manage and predict odour control at two reclamation sites. The EVS Omnis solution is paired with a network of ambient odour sensors to manage and predict the odour issues, optimise operational planning periods, feed into odour control recommendations and optimise the use of chemicals and electricity.

PUB is widely regarded as one of the most innovative water utilities in the world that initiates global technology adoption, and we are delighted to effect this a significant agreement for Envirosuite as we continue to grow our EVS Water customer base in a multi-billion-dollar market. EVS Water Plant Optimiser is designed to assist utilities like PUB to be able to determine the optimum coagulant dosage of potential fluctuating source water quality in near real-time, helping them to optimise the process and reduce risks.