EMU’s Microphone proven to meet the strictest requirements through PTB type approval

The EMU’s Outdoor Smart Microphone is now independently verified as complying with IEC 61672 Class 1


Andrew Barron


5 min


Key highlights:

  • The Outdoor Smart Microphone of Envirosuite’s noise monitoring instrumentation EMU (Environmental Monitoring Unit) is type approved by PTB, the national metrology institute in Germany

  • EMU Microphone has met the strictest requirements and been certificated as IEC 61672 Class 1

  • PTB’s type approval is widely recognised around the world including Australia, Germany, UK, France, USA, Canada, and Brazil

Latest and strictest type approval for EMU’s Smart Microphone

I am pleased to share that with years of efforts, the EMU’s Outdoor Smart Microphone is type approved as IEC 61672 Class 1 by PTB (The Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt), the German national metrology institute.

Type approval of noise monitors is a prerequisite in a large number of situations: Australia, USA and some European countries require type approved instruments, and accept PTB approval, to perform in their airports, and around some mining and construction sites; Germany only recognises its nationally approved instruments.


Capabilities of our Environmental Monitoring Unit (EMU)

EMU (Environmental Monitoring Unit) is Envirosuite’s noise monitoring instrumentation. The EMU combines continuous, remote and real-time noise monitoring, vibration monitoring, weather and blast overpressure monitoring in a single unit. EMUs are a consistently proven asset for the world’s leading airports, mining operations, construction projects and government authorities.

EMUs enable users to record and remotely access environmental sound levels with permanent, portable and unattended noise monitoring terminals. Your operation can demonstrate compliance with regulations, avoid breaching noise restrictions, limit noise impact and improve your noise mapping capabilities. Reduce monitoring costs and valuable time while accurately recording your noise exposure.

Benefits with the PTB type approval

  1. As an independent verification, PTB provides the strictest proof of compliance with instrument standards, so type approval from PTB proves that the EMUs have met the strictest requirements to provide a sound foundation for business decisions. Even clients in countries and industries where type approval is not mandatory often require type approval to protect themselves against litigation.

  2. Type approval to IEC 61672: the verification of multiple instruments leading to an independent certification that all instruments of that type coming out of the manufacturing facility will meet the specified standard. This is the highest level of approval. It results in a certificate with an authorised laboratory’s official stamp of approval.

  3. PTB is the German national metrology institute and widely recognized as one of the foremost test centres for acoustics. And PTB’s type approval is recognised not only in Germany but in a wide range of countries such as Australia, UK, France, USA, Canada, Brazil.

  4. The AU-2000 Outdoor Smart Microphone of the EMU is tested to meet Class 1 IEC 61672 specifications. Class 1 is the most accurate category and is required by a wide range of standards and legislation. Thus, this is the part of the EMU noise monitor that needs to be and is type approved, simplifying the initial and any subsequent approval processes while enabling the EMU to be developed to meet new requirements.

Durable instrumentation to harness the power of Environmental Intelligence

Founded in Australia and trusted around the world, Envirosuite supports the leading operators in airports, cities, construction, mining, heavy industry, waste and water to realise the full potential of their assets through the power of environmental intelligence.

Envirosuite utilises 40 years of experience in environmental science and reliability embedded directly into the hardware, we have a range of instrumentation to deliver noise, vibration, air quality, dust and odour monitoring solutions: EMU (Environmental Monitoring Units), VMT (Vibration monitoring Terminals), and eNose Ambient devices.

Envirosuite includes EMSBK which includes BKSV which deployed its first NMT system in 1974.