A smarter, automated approach to high-volume airport complaints management.


Airports are processing more aircraft noise complaints than ever before

Airports need to engage and respond to community concerns with data that is complete, accurate and reliable, but the task becomes exceedingly difficult to manage when complaint volumes are high.

Viewpoint provides a smarter, more efficient and effective approach to high-volume complaints management.

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Platform features

An airport noise complaint management system built to handle high volume

Viewpoint provides communities with a range of options to voice their concerns. Airports are empowered to quickly manage and respond to complaints with the right data and insights, building trust and social license.

Noise officers, public relations and community affairs teams are able to cope with the rapid increase in complaints while ensuring the community and decision makers draw the right conclusions.

Provide the right channels for community to lodge complaints

Give multiple options to the community such as a smart web from, noise complaint app and an automated complaints line.

Manage high-volumes of community complaints

Dashboards and reports provide the right insights into the extent of community disquiet.

Ensure that decision-makers get the right results

View complaint trends, generate reports and support investigations into aircraft noise.

An enterprise-grade airport complaint management system

Viewpoint can be accessed by one database and is proven to securely manage high data volumes.

Inside the product

Achieve better operational outcomes and more effective stakeholder engagement

Viewpoint helps noise officers and public relations teams cope with the rapid increase in complaints while ensuring the community and decision makers draw the right conclusions.

Deploy noise complaint apps, web portals and phone lines

Design effective complaint channels to the community around lodging a complaint and how your airport will respond.

Proven to operate in high volume complaints environments

Viewpoint automatically receives complaints from any of the channels and matches complainants that are already in the ANOMS database.

Integrates directly with ANOMS, the world’s leading airport noise management system

ANOMS embeds proven expertise in noise monitoring and abatement, stakeholder engagement, flight tracking and aircraft noise abatement procedure performance, and airport optimisation and expansion planning.


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Viewpoint is built from decades of partnership with world’s most environmentally constrained airports for communicating the right insights to the community and decision makers.

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