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Your airport’s future is green. So how can you report on emissions accurately?

Community pressure is increasing on airport operations to demonstrate sustainable operations.


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The aviation industry needs to respond to climate change by decarbonising. 

In the near-term improved compliance with “green” procedures will be essential in reducing emissions. Airports will be at the forefront of communicating industry action to the community.  

While airlines are responsible for aircraft carbon emissions and there have been significant improvements in this area, communities expect airports to communicate transparently on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and how they are doing their part in reducing overall emissions. 

On the other hand, airspace redesign, changing community sensitivities and regulatory constraints are also increasingly affecting an airport’s ability to operate and grow. Now more than ever there is pressure on airports to demonstrate how they are operating sustainably.

How can you manage your airport’s place in the future? 

Envirosuite is pleased to introduce ANOMS Carbon Emissions.  A powerful tool designed to help airports engage with airlines and stakeholders around flight emissions. The platform provides timely, accurate data on aircraft greenhouse gas emissions for reduction and mitigation activities.  

Carbon Emissions tracks and stores data that assesses the amount of greenhouse gas emissions during every flight phase, including taxiing, holding, landing, take-off, and en-route. This data can be relied on for decision-making and operational improvements, as well as for transparent engagement with your stakeholders.

Data insights produced from the platform can included in your environment and corporate social responsibility reports, so you can proactively demonstrate your airport’s green credentials to build social license and reduce community pressure.

Using flight track data, ANOMS Carbon Emissions  enables airports to automatically measure how much greenhouse gas is produced from every aviation phase. 

Why should you implement ANOMS Carbon Emissions at your airport? 

ANOMS Carbon Emissions accurately calculates GHG emissions with the level of detail needed to target reduction activities and communicate with stakeholders. This allows for better reporting of GHG emissions to stakeholders and the community.  

ANOMS Carbon Emissions helps you to:  

  • Engage transparently with all stakeholders on mitigation and response practices 

  • Reduce the effort and consulting costs required to develop aviation emissions inventories 

  • Calculate carbon footprints of aircrafts 

  • Understand how emissions have changed over time, and quantify major areas of contribution

  • Measure and demonstrate the effect of reduction activities and improvement programs 

Find out more in by watching in this short video

Watch this quick video to get a further understanding about how ANOMS Carbon Emissions can help your airport.

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