EVS Water: From product foundations to global customers

We are exceptionally proud of the progress and success that we achieved with EVS Water in FY22. We've gone from seed to global - taking what were early-stage technologies acquired in FY21 in both SeweX and Plant Optimiser and delivered those technologies to customers globally.


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Following the establishment of the EVS Water portfolio in FY21 with the acquisition of AQmB and the securing of the renowned SeweX model from the University of Queensland, we are very proud of the progress and success we have made.

Utilising funds from the Capital Raise in December, we built a team around the EVS Water products with a clear goal – help the industry use this great science and technology to improve their operations and the environment by getting these products to market. Both SeweX and Plant Optimiser products are cloud-based, COTS platforms, providing ongoing valued capabilities and strong contribution margin for Envirosuite as our customer base grows.


SeweX is a machine-learning based platform that provides sewerage management agencies with insights across their network at never-before-seen levels of coverage and accuracy. This allows them to manage with reduced cost and increased efficiency, using detailed dynamic modelling of critical parameters including hydrogen sulphide and methane gas emissions, network corrosion, odour and safety risks and even through to network capital planning. Insights extend across numerous departments, from odour and safety groups to operational maintenance teams through to capital planning departments, offering significant ongoing value to all.

SeweX proved its global and versatile applicability through successes globally including SIAPP (the Greater Paris Sanitation Authority), WA Water Corporation, Depuración de Aguas del Mediterráneo (DAM) and the City of Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA.

Plant Optimiser

Plant Optimiser, a chemical and water treatment optimisation platform, offering customers reduced risk, reduced costs, and more environmentally friendly settings to achieving water quality requirements. Plant Optimiser uses a combination of deterministic and machine learning based modelling, on top of a digital-twin of the facility to provide operators detailed optimised plant setpoints to use in operating their facility on a daily basis.

Plant Optimiser immediately demonstrated its effectiveness once deployed, providing optimisation recommendations of more than a 20% reduction in chemical dosing amounts.

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