Egyptian Airports Company engages with Envirosuite to support COP27 commitments

This is the first time in Envirosuite’s history that a new customer has taken both product suites simultaneously and highlights the complementary and strategic nature of Envirosuite’s Environmental Intelligence solutions.


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We are pleased to announce that Envirosuite has delivered another signature customer with a 10-year engagement with Egyptian Airports Company (EAC) covering five new airport sites. 

EAC airports host 60% of the total air traffic in Egypt and currently manage 24 regional Airports. This includes Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, Luxor, Aswan, Taba, Borg El arab, Sohag, and Assiut.

The deal was announced in the FY23 Q4 Sales Update and expands Envirosuite’s presence in the Middle East and Africa region.

Environmental intelligence for airport noise abatement, carbon emissions calculation and air quality management

EAC will deploy both EVS Aviation and EVS Industrial products (NoiseDesk, Carbon Emissions and Omnis) from the outset. This is the first time in Envirosuite’s history that a new customer has taken both product suites simultaneously and highlights the complementary and strategic nature of our Environmental Intelligence solutions.

This deal represents a key part of Egypt’s plan to achieve its climate change commitments made at COP27 and will see Envirosuite provide its cutting-edge flight tracking and noise monitoring solution, along with an air quality management solution and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions calculation tool. The complementary solution will allow EAC to make better-informed decisions, accurately calculate its associated carbon footprint and understand the air quality impacts of its operations across the five airports.

Egyptian Airports Company, Safety and Compliance Sector Head, Pilot. Khaled Abdel Salam on working with Envirosuite

“Egyptian Airports Company is committed to environmental sustainability and best practices and takes its responsibility both to local and global climate impact reduction very seriously. We are excited to work with Envirosuite, who we see as an established leader in the aviation industry, and its local partner Delta Company for Electronics, to understand and improve local air quality conditions at and around our airports as well as reduce the aviation noise resulting from our operations.”

Driving airport sustainability initiatives with accurate calculations of GHG emissions 

EAC will be using ANOMS Carbon Emissions at their operations, a powerful tool designed to help airports engage with airlines and stakeholders around flight emissions. The platform provides timely, accurate data on aircraft GHG emissions for reduction and mitigation activities. It automatically and continually assesses the amount of GHG emissions during every flight phase, including taxiing, holding, landing, take-off, and en-route.

ANOMS Carbon Emissions helps airport operators: 

  • Engage transparently with all stakeholders on mitigation practices.

  • Reduce the effort and consulting costs required to develop aviation emissions inventories.

  • Calculate aircraft carbon footprint.

  • Understand how emissions have changed over time and quantify major areas of contribution.

  • Measure and demonstrate the effect of reduction activities and improvement programs.

Empowering airports with insights to manage community air quality concerns from airport ground operations

Envirosuite’s air quality management solution empowers airports to understand baseline pollution levels and the root cause of air quality issues due to their ground operations. It enables airports to monitor their air quality data in real time and visualise their impact on the community.

Airports can visualise real-time air quality data from sensor networks to understand their impact on community from ground operations.

Omnis helps airport ground operations:

  • Mitigate unfolding airport emissions before they become bigger problems.

  • Know when they are operating within environmental thresholds.

  • Map real-time air quality impact in high resolution.

  • Access historical air quality data and trend reports.

Investigating air quality events from airport ground operations

Envirosuite solution also enables airport operators to investigate air quality events from ground operations with minimal impact to their resources. Using Omnis airport ground operations can:

  • Educate stakeholders with transparency around their complaints and observations.

  • Shorten investigation time with detailed information on what caused the air quality complaint.

  • Identify if it was your airport ground operations that triggered nuisance complaints or another source.

  • Focus efforts on valid complaints from the neighbouring community.

investigating community air quality complaints at an airport

Investigating community air quality complaints at airports using Omnis software.

We are now bringing our air quality management expertise to airports around the world

Envirosuite provides airport noise management solutions to over 150 airports enabling them to demonstrate noise compliance with the most accurate and high-quality data. We also support some of the most environmentally constrained industries around the world with proactive air quality management.

Envirosuite is now committed to providing reliable solutions to airport ground operations to understand their air quality impact and foster stakeholder engagement. We are bringing our air quality management expertise to provide complete environmental management solutions to airports.

Partner with us today as we bring proactive air quality management that combines measurement with modelling and weather predictions to your airport operations.