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Water and wastewater treatment plants: The devil is in the design

Inadequate water treatment design tools can be the reason for lagging productivity.


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Does the design of water and wastewater treatment plants in your business still rely on manual, repetitive and linear approaches?

If yes, then, chances are that your designs are being delivered inefficiently.

According to a recent Frost & Sullivan Report on Environmental Intelligence, “inadequacy of the current environmental analytical tools” is one of the main challenges faced by the water/wastewater sector. This trend extends to the initial design of an efficient wastewater treatment plant.

Whereas most industries are thriving with the use of technology, the water sector still falls under the “laggard” or “late majority” categories for adopting new technologies. At the same time, competition continues to increase, and it has become important for water and wastewater engineering businesses to find new ways to work efficiently and effectively.

Designing water and wastewater treatment plants with EVS Water Plant Designer

Water design engineers and consultants know that there is a massive potential for cost saving and efficiency gains but putting changes into practice is difficult.

EVS Water Plant Designer is a unique platform that tackles the above challenges, allowing your team to get design scenarios up and running in less than 24 hours. It is a cloud-based system with an easy drag and drop interface that enables engineering teams to collaborate efficiently and manage water infrastructure projects of all sizes. EVS Water Plant Designer also allows your team to compare and evaluate thousands of model configuration scenarios and collate key lifecycle metrics and performance commitments, to streamline the process of wastewater management and create accurate, reliable, and effective treatment plant designs.

Over 2500 water treatment plants have been designed using EVS Water Plant Designer, which can deliver up to a 70% reduction in design time compared to traditional design approaches, streamlining the process of water and wastewater treatment.

Want to find out more about EVS Water Plant Designer?

Designing plants is a complex task and collaborating with several parties over blueprints can impact the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the treatment plant. Thankfully, EVS Water Plant Designer is here to help.

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