EVS Omnis: A coming of age

In our FY22 Annual Report, we highlighted the the role EVS Omnis is playing for industrial operators in our rapidly changing world.

FY22 was a significant technological step forward with the launch of EVS Omnis.

The release of Emissions Intelligence technology and the convergence of noise and air quality capabilities demonstrated its effectiveness of the platform to the market; its ability to scale with significant customers, present itself as valuable to new industries and continue it’s mission to help operators of all shapes and sizes work more effectively themselves and with their communities.

The launch of EVS Omnis and Emissions Intelligence

EVS Omnis is a powerful platform bringing together highly advanced meteorological forecasting and weather systems, scientifically based emissions dispersion modelling and 24/7 IoT monitoring networks. It provides real-time, predictive, and historical analysis tools to not only ensure facilities run compliant operations but can act efficiently within the regulatory and social expectations of them.

Launched with EVS Omnis, our new “Emissions Intelligence” air quality technology provides customers the ability to understand precisely which operations are generating emissions, their location and severity.

Emissions Intelligence helps make both immediate operational decisions and understanding prior operational plans to inform future plans. This can often be realised using already deployed IoT devices and their data sets, offering existing customers even greater value.

The Emissions Intelligence engine uses advanced scientific methods to compute, analyse, and monitor the entirety of a site’s emissions data, understanding emission sources, rates, and dispersion plumes; in the past, now and into the future.

See EVS Omnis in action

EVS Omnis is built for today's operators to act on site emissions, plan for weather risk and engage transparently with stakeholders. Watch our short video below to see the platform in action.

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