Blending Environmental Intelligence with state-of-the-art odor mitigation is ‘today’s innovation’.


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Urban populations continue to grow year-on-year. Communities have now expanded and concentrated closer to waste management facilities such as landfills. Social awareness and responsibility have become more prevalent with operators having to act on increasing pressure by surrounding communities and regulators to limit their impact.

In response to the growing environmental challenges and community pressure, solid waste facilities are now reimagining how they use technological solutions. Operators are now using advanced insights to make more informed decisions that optimize their operations, drive competitive advantage and uphold their reputations.

A particular area under the spotlight is odor management. Offensive odors from landfills are under increased scrutiny from regulators but also expanding communities due to urbanization and changes to buffer zones. There is immense pressure on facilities to ensure they are running operations through sustainable and responsible methods in order to maintain their social license to operate.

When it comes to odor mitigation, environmental intelligence is empowering a growing number of waste management operations to act on unfolding odor emissions, target site-generated emissions sources and plan for weather risk. It has become paramount for developing proactive odor management strategies that allow facilities to preserve essential community relationships while continuing to operate efficiently. This is enabling better outcomes for the waste management industry, the communities it serves and for greater society – equally.

The strategic partnership between Byers and Envirosuite

In April 2022, Envirosuite partnered with Byers Scientific to bring together comprehensive odor monitoring, measuring and mitigation capabilities. Byers Scientific is a custom equipment manufacturer and research firm that leverages technological innovation and science to help companies to tackle odor and emissions challenges, while helping improve efficiency in a sustainable way.

Technology meets innovation

The Envirosuite and Byers partnership is revolutionary in the odor control sector. Envirosuite’s EVS Omnis platform monitors ambient air with sensors and ultrasonic weather stations to help determine odor and emissions travel patterns. This is combined with state-of-the-art equipment from Byers Scientific to provide odor mitigation for essential industries that face complex emissions compliance requirements. 

An On-demand Webinar

In partnership with Waste Today, Greg Bracci, VP of Americas and Marc Byers, Founder and President of Byers Scientific joined an exclusive segment, 'Today's innovation’, where they discussed how their joint solution helps landfill operators mitigate site-generated odor emissions effectively using the most groundbreaking technology available today.

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