Transforming Odor Mitigation through Environmental Intelligence



In April 2022, Envirosuite and Byers Scientific formed a strategic partnership blending environmental intelligence with industrial odor mitigation. A true industry first, this new partnership allows waste facilities to visualize, monitor and model odorous emissions in real-time.

This innovative approach to monitor emissions and precisely target odor sources has become paramount for developing the optimum odor management strategies allowing confidence in and transparency between solid waste facilities and their neighboring communities.

Watch the recording of Greg Bracci and Marc Byers's discussion on the revolutionization of tackling solid waste emissions effectively through today’s leading technology.

Greg Bracci
VP Americas at Envirosuite

Greg Bracci has over 20 years of experience growing customer centric environmental monitoring technology and instrumentation businesses. As Vice President of Envirosuite, he’s responsible for driving growth and client satisfaction throughout the Americas, overseeing sales and operations across North and South America. Greg has an extensive background working with clients in managing their environmental impact as they maintain and grow their operations. Greg has taught classes on environmental management and  presented at numerous international conferences on environmental intelligence. Greg frequently presents on behalf of clients at public meetings across the United States.

Marc Byers
Founder and President at Byers Scientific

Marc Byers is the founder and President of Byers Scientific where he oversees business operations for all divisions, leads the product research and development team and is actively involved in customer/client relationship development. Marc is the inventor of the firm’s patented vapor-phase technology as well as the designer of the firm’s advanced molecular scrubbing technology which is revolutionizing the odor control industry. In addition to his responsibilities running Byers Scientific, Marc is a frequent presenter at both public and private forums on odor-related issues, a speaker at continuing education (CE) courses for professionals in the waste management sector, and a sought-after expert witness. An experienced business leader, prior to founding Byers Scientific, Marc was involved in international business, serving in diverse senior roles from New York to Moscow. As a veteran of the United States Army, Marc worked in Intelligence and served our country in Operation Desert Storm in the Persian Gulf War.

Blending Environmental Intelligence with state-of-the-art odor mitigation is ‘today’s innovation’
What are we seeing in the waste industry / happening at a macro-level?
Why is this important to Envirosuite and Byers Scientific?
Why are we the right people to solve the problem?
How does our combined offering solve this problem?
Why makes the combination so powerful for waste facilities?