Software designed to shorten investigation time of environmental complaints directed at industrial facilities and report ESG performance.

Complaint Management

Investigating the source of environmental complaints can be a lengthy process

Rapid response is of the highest importance when community members direct complaints at your operation for observations they hear, see or smell. Understanding exactly what a noise is - and what it isn’t - can save you a significant amount of time on environmental complaint investigations.

EVS Omnis empowers you to pinpoint locations in the community and instantly understand if your operation caused it, or if it was something else.

Product features

Respond to environmental nuisance complaints and report ESG performance

High volumes of community complaints pose significant challenge for staff who are responsible for investigating each specific complaint and determining its source and validity.

Our proprietary reverse trajectory air emissions technology empowers your team to understand exactly what areas of your site are potentially at risk of impacting surrounding communities.

Respond in record time to environmental complaints

Time-based weather models, on-site data and hyperlocal weather data to determine what caused complaints.

Pinpoint sources of odour, dust and air quality complaints

Run reverse trajectory modelling to determine the likely sources of odour, dust and air quality complaints lodged by nearby communities.

Report on ESG performance with hard evidence

Manage multiple stakeholders with highly accurate data that has stands up to scrutiny.

Build trust and credibility in your operation among communities

Highlight proactive efforts in reducing your footprint and showcase responsible operations to report ESG performance.

Inside the product

Diagnose the source of complaints and accurately report ESG performance

Responding to invalid complaints can be inefficient, time-consuming and costly. Acting fast can be the difference between staying operational and shutting down.

Identify likely emission sources with proprietary air modelling software

Advanced algorithms can identify if it was your operation that caused the issue lodged by the community, or it was another culprit.

Automate community complaint management for rapid response

Centralise complaints and observations for prompt response and engagement with highly accurate information on what caused the complaint.

Identify neighbourhood hotspots and areas of concern

Visualise your local area to get a bird’s eye view of problematic areas where complaints are lodged the most.


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Customer service

World class service to help your site report ESG performance

Our team of specialists will work with you to address your site's specific requirement and report ESG performance. We can answer questions you may have about operational or environmental challenges you may be experiencing at your site.

We can make recommendations for third-party hardware or we can hook directly into pre-existing environmental monitoring and sensor networks at your site.


Here are answers to common questions about Complaint Management. Reach out to our team today if you don't see the answer you are looking for.'

There are very few alternatives that allow the generation of reverse trajectory models as soon as an incident has occurred. Forward trajectories are currently unique to Envirosuite. Where alternative near real-time reverse trajectory models exist, Envirosuite performs much better in the following ways. Alternative trajectory models run from very coarse meteorological data (9-11km resolution) and are not integrated in any way with actual observations. Our model can run with meteorology down to 100 m and can integrate observed data in real-time into the calculation.

Envirosuite’s trajectory model is very accurate in turbulent conditions through its parameterisation of turbulent motion through similarity theory. Alternatives do not represent turbulence at all in the calculation of trajectories and will be very inaccurate in those conditions.

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