Managing odour nuisance from sewage treatment works in Queensland, Australia

Urban Utilities (UU) is a statutory authority of the Government of Queensland that is responsible for the delivery of retail water supply and wastewater services across five local government areas in Southeast Queensland, in Australia.

Proactive odour control solutions to manage nuisance complaints

UU operates the Luggage Point Resource Recovery Centre (RRC), located on Main Beach Road, Pinkenba immediately adjacent to the mouth of the Brisbane River. Daily inflows average 140ML/day, around 60% of Brisbane’s sewage flows.

Historically, the Luggage Point RRC has not been a source of odour nuisance to nearby receptors as these were predominantly industrial sites. However, recent developments have included the establishment of the Brisbane International Cruise Ship Terminal (BICT), the extension of the Brisbane Airport runway, along with many commercial entities establishing their premises closer to the plant.

UU worked with Envirosuite to implement a solution that guides the odour control methods that are already available at the site, and to provide UU with a dynamic approach for predicting and assessing impacts. Envirosuite worked with the team at UU to understand the nuances of the facility and its location relative to the neighbouring site and adverse weather conditions.

Manager Asset and Planning Co-ordination Treatment and Production Kathryn Turner on proactive odour control

“The system enables reporting on an hourly basis both real time and historic with data trend reports available. This has proved highly beneficial both in preventing complaints and responding with facts when received. This monitoring has provided data that has assisted our decision making on where UU needs odour control and what system best suits the situation.” - Kathryn Turner Manager Asset and Planning Co-ordination Treatment at Queensland Urban Utilities

About the author

Kathryn Turner, Resource Recovery Program Lead, Environmental & Industrial with Urban Utilities in Queensland recently authored a paper about Luggage Point Resource Recovery Centre’s odour management results, which won the Best Operations Paper at the 2023 WIOA Queensland Operations Conference. The paper is published on WIOA’s technical publication WaterWorks in January, 2024.

Download the full paper to read more.