The road to proactive air quality management at airports today

Envirosuite, in partnership with the aviation industry, is changing the game by not just monitoring air quality emissions from airport ground operations but providing rapid analysis to support impact mitigation as well. 


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Traditionally, the aviation industry has grappled with one major obstacle when looking at airport expansion projects: noise. However, noise impact on communities is now closely followed by community apprehension regarding widely publicised negative health effects of the impact of poor air quality. Airports across the globe are now recognising the need to play a more proactive part in discussions within their communities.

We asked Aviation Simon Heath to shed some light on how the aviation industry is addressing air quality concerns today; and here’s what he had to say: 

Simon Heath is an aviation industry veteran with over 20 years of experience in the industry specialising in applied environmental science and technology at airports. He has guided the implementation of effective solutions at some of the most environmentally constrained airports across the USA, Asia-pacific, and Europe.

Paradigm shift from passive monitoring to proactive problem-solving 

It’s clear the aviation industry globally acknowledges the severity of air quality concerns and is actively seeking solutions. However, it needs forward thinking approach to be able to anticipate environmental challenges and take preventive measures. The technology is now paving the way for predictive behavior analysis, marking a paradigm shift from passive monitoring to proactive problem-solving. 

Air quality management at an airport facility using Envirosuite solutions. 

A holistic view of airport operations – Weather included 

Weather is pivotal in airport operations, presenting constant challenges that are not limited to flight operations. The aviation industry needs hyperlocal weather information paired with real-time environmental data to comprehensively measure environmental impact from ground operations. 

A holistic view of air quality impact from ground operations enables operators to track the flow of particulate matter and comprehensively measure environmental parameters, which are instrumental in guiding the industry towards sustainable practices.  

Shaping a total environmental picture for airports 

For the aviation industry to thrive sustainably, adopting a total environmental picture is imperative. Situational awareness of environmental challenges provides airports with the means to proactively mitigate potential issues or at least know where to start, marking a significant step towards a greener and more sustainable future.  

Enviornmental Intelligence technologies emerge as a key ally for airport sustainability teams, offering not just truly accurate datasets but empowering stakeholders with cloud processing power and actionable insights that come with a holistic view of airport operations. 

Envirosuite partners taking proactive approach towards air quality and carbon emissions management on their flightpath to the future 

The aviation industry's pursuit of Net Zero transcends technological upgrades; it represents a philosophical shift that demands collaboration, innovation, and collective determination. Envirosuite is committed to partner with airports on their mission critical transition.  

Envirosuite Regional General Managers and VP - Americas Greg Bracci talking to key aviation customers at FORUM23 in Palm Springs, California. 

Several of our key aviation partners, including AENA and Biggin Hill Airport, recently discussed their strategies to uplift quality of life in their neighbouring communities at FORUM23, our flagship customer event.  Their approach to making a difference involves an intricate fusion of state-of-the-art technologies, showcasing a commitment to innovation and sustainability 

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