Predictive modelling for a global food production company in Chile

Agrosuper, using insights from Environmental Intelligence to avoid impacts and become a more sustainable manufacturer.


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Agrosuper renews contract to harness the power of environmental intelligence to become a more sustainable manufacturer and continue their focus as a good community neighbour. 

We’re thrilled that Agrosuper have signed a 3-year renewal contract with Envirosuite across their various brands and sites. For the Agrosuper operations, which cover pork production, the team will be using environmental intelligence to help reduce impact to the neighbouring communities. With the expansion of of our current site and addition of a new one, this means that the majority of Agrosuper sites are managing their emissions with Envirosuite technology.

to help reduce emission impacts on the community through the use of meteorological modelling. This helps accelerate production efficiency, optimise their composting processes, while minimising emissions that would otherwise impact the community. 

Read on for the full Agrosuper case study.