Industry leaders and governments are all boarding the Responsible Mining train; here’s why

Responsible mining is beginning to reshape the future of the mining industry with a roadmap and a path forward to create a sustainable place in the global economy.


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According to stats in our latest white paper, 9/10 institutional investors say they factor ESG and sustainability into decisions; today responsible mining represents a critical intersection of economic productivity and environmental stewardship with giants like Vale and Newmont leading the way.

We asked Envirosuite CEO, Jason Cooper, to comment on how governments and mining companies can work together towards Responsible Mining

Jason Cooper is a highly regarded and well-respected industry leader with more than 20 years of experience in the technology sector in executive roles in both multi-national and start-up environments. He’s a passionate believer in the role technology plays in enabling responsible mining. 

Leveraging the latest technology for mining environmental management

To move forward, mining companies need to be able to demonstrate their adoption of leading practice in key mining environmental management responsibilities. This requires not only a commitment to ESG and SDG targets, but an action plan to implement them: one that ensures corporate policy is directly integrated into operations. 

To do this, companies need a way to influence operational outcomes, effective planning, and production goals in real-time. Some technologies in the market like Envirosuite are helping leading companies to implement this action plan with its environmental management software that offers situational awareness of mining operations like never before. Deep insights from operational data enable immediate action, allowing for an efficient, measurable operation, and leading to better environmental outcomes.

Mining industry stepping up from real-time insights for situational awareness to predictive analysis of what tomorrow brings

While active environmental management using real-time data is the benchmark today, predictive analysis is a future state to aspire to. Pattern detection using historical and real-time data can be used to predict potential environmental issues ahead of time, allowing preventative action to be taken. This is, in many ways, the ideal end-state for environmental stewardship. 

Taking situational awareness to a predictive state means potential problems don’t have time to develop into actual problems. At that point, trust becomes far more implicit. This is an ideal outcome for everyone involved. 

Embracing the bright future and reshaping the industry with Responsible Mining practices

For Responsible Mining companies, the future is bright: a chance to repair and rebuild trust with policymakers and communities, in return for a renewed social license to operate and more simplified permitting of new mine sites and expansions of existing ones. This will provide the opportunity to actively participate in an extended period of demand for critical minerals and rare earths. 

Although there’s still a long way to go, Responsible Mining is beginning to reshape the future of the mining industry. Mining now has a roadmap and a path forward to create a sustainable place in the global economy. And with the momentum for change building as countries seek to reduce their reliance on mineral imports and re-take control of their clean energy futures, there’s never been a better time to start onboarding your own operations to Responsible Mining principles.

Leveraging Envirosuite technology for Responsible Mining success

Envirosuite has on-the-ground experience powering early success stories that you can take advantage of to shape and launch your own successful Responsible Mining initiative. We have included a 5 phased approach below that highlights how to take your first - or your next - steps on that journey in our latest white paper. 

Envirosuite software using predictive modelling analysis at a mining facility and providing lead time to make critical decisions to reduce operational  impact. 

Download: Free white paper on Responsible Mining

Envirosuite understands the importance efficient and sustainable mines play in society. It is essential for the mining companies to break through data silos, build social license to operate and demonstrate responsible mining practices. 

Today’s mining operators remain focused on staying within imposed limits in order to avoid costly stoppages. Despite these measures, a variety of challenges at a mine site can hinder efficiency and lead to a constant struggle of balancing productivity targets against compliance thresholds.  

Learn more about how the leading mining companies are bridging sustainability commitments and delivering results in our latest white paper “Extracting a better future”.  

Take me to the Responsible Mining white paper.