EVS Industrial thrives in global ESG and Environmental Justice trends

Strong growth results in EVS Industrial expected to continue on the back of ESG and Environmental Justice macroeconomic drivers.


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EVS Industrial has benefited strongly from the global tailwinds around Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) credentials and investment, as well as the significant momentum that the Environmental Justice movement and resulting legislation has generated in the US. These macroeconomic drivers create the perfect mix for Envirosuite’s land, expand and scale strategy to continue delivering exciting growth.

Envirosuite's product strategy and success in the mining sector

The Company’s product strategy of combining several essential environmental parameters that impact operational efficiency, surrounding communities’ quality of life, and the environment, is now delivering new large-scale uptake and adoption with multiple global mining companies. These operations are now effectively managing noise, vibration, dust, air quality, odour, water management and weather using EVS Industrial’s flagship integrated environmental operations platform, Omnis.

The Mining sector delivered the largest percentage of the growth for EVS Industrial in FY23, with landmark new sites adopting Omnis to improve operational decision making and strengthen their Social License to Operate. The Company is now seeing new customers take up EVS Industrial solutions to manage multiple parameters in fewer transactions – a testament to the traction and value Envirosuite has built in Mining. It also represents a strong upsell opportunity to existing customers who are only managing one or two environmental parameters with EVS Industrial solutions so far.

Waste sector expansion and strategic partnership with Byers Scientific

The Environmental Justice momentum has fuelled growth in the Waste sector particularly with US municipalities, which are typically the owners and operators of landfill sites in the country. This has led to the continued success of Envirosuite’s strategic partnership with Byers Scientific.

The combined Envirosuite-Byers solution has now been adopted across four landfill sites, with a solution at an existing site being expanded significantly during the year following a highly successful initial contract term. An innovative partnership, the combined Envirosuite-Byers solution delivers real-time indicative odour monitoring and predictive emission alerting which empowers landfills to apply targeted odour mitigation strategies only when and where they are needed rather than applying blunt mitigation techniques across an entire landfill site unnecessarily.

Omnis' versatility expands Envirosuite's reach into new sectors

While Envirosuite remains focused on the four focus sectors for EVS Industrial, the broad capability of Omnis has received notable interest from many sectors beyond the focus four. This interest as converted into signed customer engagements during FY23 in additional sectors including the dairy, protein processing, chemical & petrochemical, pet food production, and semi- conductor chip manufacturing industries.

More updates on EVS Industrial from our CEO 

On Tuesday, 22 August 2023, we hosted a presentation of our FY23 results. Watch the video below as CEO Jason Cooper takes us through more updates about EVS Industrial product suite in his presentation. 

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