EVS Aviation: Ongoing innovation extending our industry leadership

As highlighted in our FY22 Annual Report, EVS Aviation demonstrated its leadership in the sector as our long-term clients allocated post-COVID budget to extend our services and respond to increased air traffic as aircraft return to the skies.


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With over 170 airports, including most of the worlds key transport hubs as customers, Envirosuite has built a meaningful competitive advantage in the aviation sector.

EVS Aviation products combine to create the world’s leading environmental management solution for airports. We provide deep analytics on top of rich data sets, delivering insights to reduce environmental impacts and demonstrate compliance to key stakeholders, while improving operational efficiency.

A continued investment into the EVS Aviation portfolio

This year saw continued investment into the EVS Aviation portfolio, focusing on our key go-forward cloud platform of ANOMSX. With ANOMSX now hosting our popular Noise Desk solution and further adoption of Carbon Emissions, it continues to push the industry towards greater access to decision making information across the various stakeholders at the airports. ANOMSX also provides Envirosuite with greater flexibility to offer solutions across market segments, from large commercial hubs to smaller regional airports.

The groundwork and foundations for migration to AWS have been completed, with some of our largest airport customers having already begun their migration and plans in place to migrate all hosted customers in the future.

See EVS Aviation in action

On Wednesday, 17 August 2022 at 3pm AEST, we hosted a live demonstration of our EVS Aviation product suite and what it offers for airports around the world.

Watch the video below as CEO Jason Cooper and Head of Product Management Andrew Barron take us through EVS Aviation for a quick overview.

Further adoption of our Carbon Emissions solution in FY22

During the year we saw further adoption of our Carbon Emissions solution, which helps airports to reduce their carbon footprints.

Across Europe, improved compliance with green procedures to reduce emissions has become essential. Detailed and accurate calculation of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is required to target reductions activities, while communicating clearly to all stakeholders. Our Carbon Emissions solution provides this capability, and AENA has now adopted the solution for Madrid, Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca airports. This solution will help AENA engage with airlines and stakeholders around flight emissions by providing timely, accurate data on aircraft GHG emissions for reduction and mitigation activities.

Access our full FY22 Annual Report on the ASX

Please click here to access the FY22 Annual Report on the ASX.