Envirosuite partners with IBM and Shell’s OREN Marketplace

OREN provides the mining industry a ‘one-stop-shop' for field proven solutions to bridge the digital gap and optimise their operations.


Matt Scholl


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Envirosuite’s ground-breaking solutions for environmental management in the Mining industry have been included on the OREN marketplace, a new online collaboration between IBM and Shell.

OREN is essentially a ‘one-stop-shop' for the mining industry to access field proven solutions to bridge the digital gap and optimise their operations, improve sustainability and to achieve successful outcomes for their bottom line.

The online marketplace is the genesis of Shell surveying more than 350 mining businesses worldwide, which highlighted that 80% of respondents have issues with embedding automated mine solutions.

‘Responding to a more sustainable mining future’ with accurate environmental monitoring data

Envirosuite’s Global Head of Mining & Industrial, Matt Scholl, was also invited as a guest speaker at the OREN Sustainability for Mining Webinar held on July 1 and hosted by Shell's General Manager, Sustainability, Gavin Warner, which reviews how digital solutions can assist with achieving sustainable mining operations.

In the webinar Matt highlights how today’s mines need to rely on continuous, real-time and accurate environmental monitoring data and insights to better understand changing conditions and what this means for operational decisions at the mine site.

Effective weather, noise, vibration, and dust monitoring can be the difference between remaining operational or shutting down. Envirosuite’s tools for ‘Environmental Intelligence’ are now empowering mines to avoid or mitigate incidents, such as excessive dust, noise and vibration impacts.

Our Mining solutions provide deep insights from operational data allowing open-pit mining operations to continue to operate efficiently without exceeding thresholds across multiple environmental parameters.

Mines are using Environmental Intelligence to simulate and refine their operational plans, where this information is translated into on-the-ground actions via Triggered Action Response Plans (TARP) to avoid environmental incidents and lower operational downtime.

Harness the power of Environmental Intelligence at your mine

Get in touch with us today if you would like to find out more information on how Envirosuite solutions can help your mine maintain environmental compliance, boost efficiency and assist with stakeholder engagement.

To see Envirosuite’s solutions listed on the Oren marketplace, click here.