An Industry First: Environmental Intelligence + Odour Mitigation

Envirosuite partners with Byers Scientific to bring a comprehensive odour management and mitigation solution to the landfill, industrial wastewater treatment and commercial agriculture industries.


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It’s becoming increasingly evident that environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria are helping to accelerate demand for environmental intelligence across various industries. In response to growing environmental challenges, businesses are now reimagining how they use technology solutions to make better informed decisions that optimise operations, drive competition, and achieve better outcomes for the industry, society and communities - equally. 

One area that is under the environmental spotlight is odour management. Offensive odours from landfills, industrial facilities and commercial agriculture such as cannabis, are under increased scrutiny from regulators but also communities due to urbanisation and changes to buffer zones. Odour is an inescapable consequence for these industries, who are turning to technology to monitor emissions and identify sources, in order to develop the right odour management strategies that allow facilities to preserve essential community relationships.

Odour and emissions issues impact people every day, and Envirosuite provides environmental intelligence software that enable operators to comply with permitted conditions, optimise odour mitigation programs and build a positive relationship with their communities. To provide even greater value to industries such as solid waste, commercial agriculture and wastewater, Envirosuite is pairing its EVS Omnis software and EVS IoT sensors with Byers Scientific technology, to provide a world class solution for odour mitigation. 

The Envirosuite & Byers Scientific Partnership

Envirosuite recently partnered with Byers Scientific to bring together comprehensive odour monitoring, measuring and mitigation capabilities. Thanks to this partnership, Envirosuite customers are able to monitor, model and predict emissions in real-time, to make truly informed decisions about odour mitigation strategies, and now have access to Byers Scientific equipment that is needed to address the odour issue. 

Byers Scientific is a custom equipment manufacturer and research firm that combines science and technological innovation to help companies tackle odour and emissions challenges, while helping improve efficiency in a sustainable way.

The cloud-based EVS Omnis platform supports odour mitigation at waste management sites by providing actionable insights for operators to act on site-generated emissions.

A transformative solution for odour mitigation

This combined offering is revolutionary in the odour control sector. The solution combines Envirosuite’s EVS Omnis software with EVS IoT sensors and ultrasonic weather stations to help determine odour and emissions travel patterns, while the Byers Scientific state-of-the-art equipment mitigates odours for essential industries that face complex odour and emissions regulations.

Byers Scientific’s best-of-class mitigation solutions are developed by a team of industry-leading scientists to help industries mitigate some of the most pressing odour and emissions challenges. The complementary solution can help facilities to diagnose the source of odour emissions, adhere to regulations and neutralise malodours associated with landfill operations, compost facilities, and material recovery facilities.

This partnership will enable facilities to adhere to compliance requirements, enhance their odour mitigation strategies and in turn, preserve social licence to operate with their surrounding communities.

Join Envirosuite and Byers Scientific at this year’s Waste Expo
9-12 May, 2022

Envirosuite and Byers Scientific will be showcasing our unique, combined solution at Waste Expo 2022 in Booth #734. Come visit the team at the event to learn more about how our solution can help you, your facility and community.