5 Steps to begin your journey to Responsible Mining

Over the years working with industry leaders, Envirosuite has perfected a 5-step guide for mining companies to kick start their responsible mining journey. Download a free copy today.


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The numbers today point to an increasing need to demonstrate responsible mining practices. According to the stats in our latest white paper

  • Over the next 10-15 years, we can expect a global shortage of critical minerals  

  • 9/10 institutional investors say they factor ESG and sustainability into decisions.  

  • 67% of institutional investors feel they have a “responsibility to invest sustainably”  

An example showing environmental and stakeholder challenges faced by the mining industry today. 

Even though the concept of Responsible Mining has been around since 1979, it is in the spotlight at present and only a handful of outlets truly dive deeper into what it really means and why does it matter now?  

In our latest white paper, we also established that leap of faith towards Responsible Mining must start in the boardroom but work on the ground and provide a closer look at connecting corporate strategy to operational execution.  

Let’s now dive into 5 steps that can help mining companies kick start responsible mining journey. 

Step 1: Find your purpose like some of the biggest mining companies did 

Ask yourself, "Why are we pursuing responsible mining?" Defining your purpose will provide a clear direction and serve as a guiding light throughout your journey. It aligns stakeholders, sets expectations, and shapes your strategies towards responsible mining. 

Responsible Mining can only begin the outcome in mind. This typically includes one or more of the following:  

  • Social license to operate  

  • Operational safety and efficiencies  

  • Maintaining balance between productivity and compliance 

  • Environmental, social and governance 

Step 2: Identify key parameters that will drive your initiative 

The right solution design will underpin your success here. After you have identified the purpose of your journey, it’s imperative to identify key parameters that will underpin your priorities. The following should be explored and reviewed with cross-functional teams at your organization:  

  • Availability of site-specific data that will form the basis of your solution 

  • Required parameters for decision-making 

  • Integration of various data sources to make informed decisions 

  • Alignment with organisational goals and objectives 

Understanding these parameters is fundamental to crafting effective solutions tailored to your mining operations. 

Envirosuite CEO, Jason Cooper, is excited about industry leaders moving towards Responsible Mining and here’s what he has to say about it: 

Step 3: Lay the first building block and confirm what data is available 

With parameters identified, it's time to lay the foundation for your Responsible Mining initiatives. Conduct a thorough assessment of available data, including:  

  • Performing gap analysis to identify missing information 

  • Assessing data quality and reliability 

  • Evaluating instrumentation and data capture methods 

  • Resolution type such as temporal or spatial 

This step forms the groundwork for informed decision-making and sets the stage for implementing sustainable practices. 

Step 4: Put the systems in place to make the step change 

To achieve meaningful change, it's time to connect, automate, process and understand what is happening at the operational facility. Embrace the technology to:  

  • Monitor and manage various environmental parameters at the site in real time  

  • Employ intelligent data processing to extract valuable insights 

  • Establish systematic communication channels for transparency and collaboration 

  • Integrate responsible mining practices into daily workflows and operations 

Step 5: Influence your organisation’s future with continuous improvement 

Responsible mining is an ongoing journey of improvement. With a solution tailored to your organisation’s requirements, success is not so distant anymore. As a mining company with the aforementioned steps in place, you can now: 

  • Explore new approaches to how you manage the environmental impact of your operations 

  • Identify leading indicators for proactive risk management and make informed decisions based on advanced insights 

  • Find smarter ways to operate that align with sustainability goals 

  • Confidently demonstrate operational compliance and build stronger relationship with local communities 

  • Unlock hidden value in your operations and operate at maximum capacity 

Download: Free white paper on Responsible Mining

Envirosuite understands the importance efficient and sustainable mines play in society. It is essential for the mining companies to break through data silos, build social license to operate and demonstrate responsible mining practices. 

Today’s mining operators remain focused on staying within imposed limits to avoid costly stoppages. Despite these measures, a variety of challenges at a mine site can hinder efficiency and lead to a constant struggle of balancing productivity targets against compliance thresholds.  

Learn more about how the leading mining companies are bridging sustainability commitments and delivering results in our latest white paper “Extracting a better future”.  

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