Hyper-local odour monitoring and detection from an eNose network across Kuwait City

City-wide odour management solution in the Middle East


The Environment Public Authority of Kuwait is an independent governmental organisation that serves as the epicenter of action regarding the preservation of the environment in Kuwait.








High temperatures causing odour management issues across city

Due to the effects of high temperatures in the Middle East, urban sources of odour can have an amplified impact on local communities. The Environment Public Authority of Kuwait (KEPA) routinely receives complaints about odours but these are often transient or from combined sources and thus fairly difficult to trace to the actual source.

Kuwait EPA are required to investigate individual odour complaints to assess community well-being in the greater Kuwait City area. This can be a detailed and long process and sometimes lead to inconclusive results from lack of data on the cause of an odour issue. 


Implementing an e-nose network across Kuwait City

Kuwait EPA have now implemented a network of Envirosuite's proprietary eNoses to assess odour impact across the city. They are currently using Envirosuite to monitor and visualise odours from industrial plants, agriculture and wastewater facilities across Kuwait City. 

This software enables city officials to use ‘reverse trajectory modelling’ of odour issues at a fine-scale and in three dimensions while using sophisticated meteorological for the region. It is integrated with a ticketing system for logging peak monitored values and community complaints. Reverse trajectories are generated as soon as predetermined thresholds are exceeded or the location and time of a complaint are logged. 


Limiting community impact with pro-active odour management

Kuwait EPA is now undertaking proactive management through data from eNoses placed at locations around the city and is able to instantly identify the source of odour and air quality issues in real-time.