Proof of concept project for SeweX with WA’s Water Corporation

Water Corporation is Western Australia’s principal supplier of water, wastewater, drainage, and bulk irrigation services


Jason Cooper


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Key Highlights:

  • Envirosuite have agreed terms with Western Australia’s Water Corporation for a proof of concept of SeweX, Envirosuite’s corrosion, odour and safety software solution for the water industry

  • EVS Water’s SeweX solution is an advanced mathematical modelling tool detailing and predicting the physical, chemical, and biological processes in sewers

  • The proof of concept is to monitor the sewer network and provide insights that reduce future costs of odour and corrosion management, improve efficient asset allocation related to safety, and extend network life

Proof of concept project awarded with Water Corp in Western Australia

I am pleased to announce we have been awarded a proof of concept project with Western Australia’s Water Corporation for SeweX.

Water Corporation is Western Australia’s principal supplier of water, wastewater, drainage, and bulk irrigation services, it is State owned and accountable to the Minister for Water. Its water services are delivered to hundreds of thousands of homes, businesses, and farms.

Water Corporation supply over 2 million people across the state with clean drinking water and take away almost 450 million litres of wastewater a day. The organisation operates 113 wastewater treatment plants across the state, each critical in helping ensure liveability, sustainability and climate resilience in Western Australia.

Demonstrating the capabilities of SeweX

The project will demonstrate SeweX, Envirosuite’s SaaS product performance for water utilities supporting proactive management of corrosion, odour and safety in sewer networks related to sulphide and methane. SeweX is designed to help water utilities to safely manage the biological processes occurring within sewer networks and improve the health, safety and environmental (HSE) performance, while avoiding and mitigating costly network disruption.

Concept screen for how SeweX may be visualised in the Envirosuite user interface.

Envirosuite is committed to solving global problems through our investment in research and development with science at our core. As we continue to experience the impacts of climate change, being able to better optimise existing infrastructure will significantly improve the operating life and reduce future construction and operating costs such as electricity use.

Partnering with Water Corporation to monitor and manager their essential infrastructure and networks

We’re thrilled to partner with an innovative water supplier like Water Corporation who are committed to sustainable growth, upholding the health, safety and environmental requirements of their operations, while taking action on climate change.

Our EVS Water solutions help companies to monitor and manage their essential infrastructure and networks, while reducing the emissions impact on the environment and the surrounding communities. Projects such as this one advance the strategic need for digital solutions to help lessen the magnitude of climate change. We believe that every major town in the world is a potential customer for SeweX and this is a step towards that vision.

This is the first proof of concept for Envirosuite’s SeweX product within the EVS Water portfolio, which has a current serviceable addressable market of $2.8 billion, as defined in the 24 May 2021 capital raising presentation.

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