Show live data of your airport’s plane tracking system for optimum air traffic monitoring.


Plane tracking for air traffic monitoring at airports should be easily understood

Airspace redesign, changing community sensitivities and regulatory constraints are increasingly affecting an airport’s ability to operate and grow. Easy-to-understand plane tracking system data can provide timely and need information to internal and external stakeholders.

ANOMS Web Live is displays live data from flights that are taking off or landing in a standard browser for any user to understand.

Platform features

Display plane tracking system and air traffic monitoring data

ANOMS Airline Compliance automatically notifies airlines when one of their operations does not follow an expected procedure.

Using a Web browser, they can see the operation, when the non-compliance occurs, the details of the procedure expected and other operations in the area.

Show live data from a plane tracking system

Configures the airline compliance notification mechanism, so that only key infringements (e.g fines) are notified to airlines

Display takeoffs, landing and delays to the public

Airlines users only have access to information about their own published infringements and their own operations

Inform logistics and management teams

The ANOMS administrator controls procedures that are exposed to the airlines to support targeted campigns

Know when flights are diverted or landings are converged

Airline users can see other aircraft that operated around the time of the infringing flight

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