Water is overflowing with digital opportunities

Digital twins – virtual representations of physical assets – are changing the way water and wastewater infrastructure is operated, maintained and enhanced. To succeed, operators need to unlock the power of information by making it accessible and actionable, while creating a sustainable model for change.  

As the sector continues to face new structural, regulatory and environmental headwinds, a flexible future-state is worth planning and positioning for.  

Digital opportunities in the water sector  

Digitalisation is driving change in the water and wastewater treatment sectors. Control and treatment equipment is increasingly augmented with sensors. Industrial data collectors and analysers have come down in price substantially, and cost-effective storage and processing can how also be accessed via cloud.  

In short, water and wastewater treatment plants and networks collect more data than ever before.  

How can water facility managers and operators make the best use of this data to drive water quality, optimise treatment and distribution and create new value?  

Envirosuite’s EVS Water digital twin technology combines deterministic and machine learning modelling to create a powerful digital twin platform designed specifically to combat the challenges facing the water industry.  

We use deterministic modelling to represent processes and machine learning to drive forecasts around process inputs. Forecast variables produced by the machine learning can be re-integrated into the deterministic model to simulate process performance into the future. 

The use of deterministic modelling ensures that suggestions produced by EVS Water are realistic for the water industry. It also requires little data on start-up and more data is produced over time, it automatically feeds the machine learning, which ‘learns’ to improve its forecast accuracy. 

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