Responsible Mining Whitepaper: Extracting a better future

Introducing our whitepaper on Responsible Mining – Find out how leading mining companies are bridging sustainability commitments and delivering results. 

In an era marked by growing environmental awareness and a renewed commitment to ethical practices, the mining industry finds itself at a pivotal crossroads. The global demand for essential minerals, metals, and resources continues to rise, but so do concerns about the industry's impact on the planet and its communities.  

In this whitepaper:  

  • We explore the rise of the Responsible Mining movement and the extent to which it’s been embraced by industry. 

  • We examine outstanding challenges at play, including the implementation gap between commitment and action 

  • We explore the industry leadership of Vale and Newmont, and how their approach can set others up to succeed with similar journeys 

  • We provide a 5-step guide on how to begin, or continue, the journey towards Responsible Mining