Responsible mining: Supporting ESG commitments for a North American coal giant

The mining giant in North America needed to find a solution to maximise its operational capacity, while upholding its strict commitments to sustainability and responsible mining.

A leading North American mining giant is committed to responsible resource development. The company has a comprehensive sustainability and mining environmental management strategy with goals that stretch through to 2050, helping to drive continual improvement in ESG performance. 

The mining company is invested in two operations in the region, which are located approximately 8kms and 3kms from their respective community centers. Both operations produce metallurgical coal also known as coking coal which is primarily used to make steel. 

In order to uphold its strict commitments to sustainability and responsible mining at both sites, the mining company contracted Envirosuite—a global leader in environmental intelligence. 

Find out how the mining giant used environmental intelligence to:

  • Increase production and efficiency 

  • Avoid fines and costly stoppages from dust events 

  • Lower resource costs of dust mitigation strategies 

  • Set the gold standard for mining environmental management