Optimising operational controls while managing a conflict of land use at a sewage treatment plant in Australia

Urban Utilities needed to find a solution to avoid odour impacts on the neighbouring port facility, along with the consequential regulatory involvement and unfovourable publicity.

Urban Utilities (UU) is a statutory authority of the Government of Queensland that is responsible for the delivery of retail water supply and wastewater services across five local government areas in Southeast Queensland, Australia. 

UU teamed up with Envirosuite to implement a comprehensive solution that guides the odour control methods that are already available at the site. The new solution is empowering operators at the wastewater treatment plant with a dynamic approach for predicting and assessing impacts.

Find out how the Queensland Urban Utilities is using Envirosuite to: 

  • Avoid financial penalties  

  • Reduce costs of odour control 

  • Shorten investigation time of emissions events  

  • Digitise manual data collection