Identifying 23% reduction in coagulant costs at a drinking water treatment plant in Hong Kong

A drinking water treatment plant with desalination facilities in Hong Kong provides drinking water to a population of about 7.5 million and plays a critical role in the territory’s sustainable development. The facility implemented digital twin technology to identify reduction in coagulant costs at its operations.

In 2013 a regional government department commenced a project to expand the treatment plant. The upgraded and award-winning plant was delivered in 2018 and produces 800,000 cubic metres of quality drinking water per day for residents across multiple districts of Hong Kong.  

The department has been introducing numerous advanced technologies at the treatment to continuously enhance operational efficiencies and drinking water safety 

Find out how the drinking water treatment plant used Envirosuite’s digital twin technology to: 

  • Identify 23.3% reduction in alum use compared to business-as-usual operations. 

  • Minimise reliance of jar tests 

  • And ensure high quality drinking water for the local community